I got some GORGEOUS polishes in the mail from Llarowe today!  Such a nice little pick me up while I am at work!  The most exciting item for me?  I finally got Lynnderella’s Snow Angel!  FINALLY!

I decided to use Zoya Snow White as my base color.  I wanted my nails to look “snowy” like all the amazing bloggers I see with it on.  I had to do 2 coats of Snow White.  Although I love Zoya – I’m falling out of love with Snow White.  It’s the only really white polish I have, but it goes on streaky for me.  After 2 coats it still looked uneven.  Since I was doing Lynn’s Snow Angel over it, I figured it would cover up Snow Whites mishaps and for the most part it did.

I used just 1 coat of Lynnderella’s Snow Angel over Zoya’s Snow White.  The glitter didn’t go on as easily as Lynnderella’s Cauldron Drippings and instead of beautiful virgin snow my nails looked like they were encrusted with rock salt :(  I am determined though.  I think I may have just used too thick of a layer of Snow Angel (I hope!).  I don’t hate it, but I’m not as in love with it as I thought I would be.  It still looks lovely on my polish shelf snuggled up next to Cauldron Drippings though!!

Here is a closeup shot of the glitter particles

I will try Lynnderella’s Snow Angel again and I still look forward to buying more of her creations!


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