Victorian Varnish | Grand Opening Release

by Lisa Heath


Happy Thursday! I’m a day late with this, but the video took a little bit to put together… but I’m here to share a new brand! Victorian Varnish had their Grand Opening Release yesterday… and I have lots of goodies to share!

Within this post I’ll be sharing the February Cog of the Month, Valentine’s Day Duo, Grand Opening limited editions and some essentials you can find in the shop.

To see everything applied, you can check out my YouTube:

Victorian Varnish is brand spanking new, but not new to the community. This is a mother and daughter duo team, and they’ve put a lot of time into forming this brand… and they have a lot of things coming at us soon. You will also find them in Hella Handmade Creations starting this month, so keep an eye out for that too.

They did launch yesterday – so lets go ahead and jump in and get moving.

Victorian Varnish | Chronometer (Grand Opening Limited Edition)

Chronometer is a purple jelly base loaded with pink shimmer, crystal chameleon flakes, scattered holo flakes, as well as red, blue and teal metallic flakes. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Victorian Varnish | Horologist (Grand Opening Limited Edition)

Horologist is a magenta crelly base with red to orange to pink to gold shifting shimmer, as well as an assortment of rainbow crystal chameleon flakes, and blue to teal to green ultra chrome chameleon flakes. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This is more magenta pink in person – the shimmer makes it appear more red on camera.

Victorian Varnish | Beloved (Valentine’s Day Duo)

Beloved is a warm red (cold) to cotton candy pink (warm) crelly based thermal with pink to gold shifting shimmer. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Victorian Varnish | Happy Never After (Valentine’s Day Duo)

Happy Never After is a red to black to green to gold multichrome with large particle green to teal shifting shimmer. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Victorian Varnish | Dr Thaddeus Wonderpus (February Cog of the Month)

Dr Thaddeus Wonderpus is the first Cog of the Month polish! This is a black jelly base loaded with pale antique gold magnetic pigment, two different types of ultrachrome chameleon flakes, crystal chameleon flakes and scattered holo flakes. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Victorian Varnish | Obsidian

Obsidian is a one coat black creme. Shown is one coat with a glossy top coat.

Victorian Varnish | Selenite

Selenite is a white creme polish. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This was almost a one coat creme, but it wasn’t quite there for me.

Victorian Varnish | Tincture Acetone Additive

Acetone Additive is one of those products I think every swatcher (and customer!) should try out. I remember how chewed up my cuticles looked early on in swatching due to the continued use of remover on my skin.

Tincture (Acetone Additive) is a small vial of glycerine and oils to help counteract the harshness of acetone to leave your skin healthier looking instead of that white cast. Just shake the vial and add your desired amount. Always start off with a smaller amount and add as needed. I usually recommend most start off at about 1/4 vial and go from there.

I received the scent Bergamot & Grapefruit – which is a citrusy blend and for me it’s a comforting smell. My grandma often had bergamot scent things so the scent reminds me of her.

Victorian Varnish | Illuminate Quick Dry Glossy Top Coat

Illuminate is a quick dry glossy top coat that has a thicker consistency but not so thick it’s a pain to work with. It coats glitters well. I found it dried down completely for me within 6 minutes to the touch and 14 minutes before I could move around and do normal things without fear of denting or ruining my mani.

I used Illuminate for all photos in this post.

Victorian Varnish | Linen Chemise Base Coat

Linen Chemise is a base coat that is a mix of sticky base and light ridge filling base with a light demi satin finish when dry. Obviously I have Gel X nails with no ridges, so I cannot say if the ridge filling works amazingly well, but I did use it for swatching a few of my bolder shades (teals and reds!) and I didnt get any staining through to my gel nail.

Victorian Varnish | Cloud Cover Matte Top Coat

Cloud Cover is a matte top coat that is more of a demi matte. It’s not quite chalkboard and still has some shine to it. It dries in a reasonable amount of time and has a nice consistency.

Victorian Varnish | Conditioning Cuticle Concoction

Conditioning Cuticle Concoction is a conditioning cuticle oil that goes on thick and soaks in a little slower than some oils, but it gives a really big boost of moisture. A little goes a long way, so I only applied to 1-2 nails then distributed that bit along the rest of the nails.

Victorian Varnish | Water Slide Decals by Ribbits Stickits

Ribbits Stickits created a set of water slide decals with a steampunk theme, as well as the Victorian Varnish logo! I applied these over Selenite and topped with Illuminate.

To apply, I cut out the design I want and place the design in a shallow water dish. I wait about 15-20 seconds and pull it out, then place face down on a nail stamping head. I slide the paper backing off to reveal the design, and then I use the stamper to apply the decal. Then I top coat. Easy peasy.

If the image doesn’t transfer right away to the nail, dab your finger in the water dish and wet the decal a little.

Victorian Varnish | Grand Opening Release

So far I’m enjoying Victoria Varnish, and I have a few more of their shades at home (which you will see soon) and I’m excited to see what more is to come. I had no application issues with any of these shades.

Where To Buy: Victorian Varnish Shop

Victorian Varnish Social Media: Facebook Fan Group | Instagram

Be sure to check out my YouTube as well! Thanks for reading

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