Blog Sale for 2022

by Lisa Heath

Sorry for the delay – I am hoping to have the sale up around mid October. I had hoped to have it up by now but between school starting for Jacob, my work schedule and a sick family member, plus blog commitments – I have been unable to dedicate the time to sort and list. It’s a large time commitment and I’m trying to make it happen – but there are a lot of delays and disruptions right now.

All claims need to be emailed to

Please be patient with me on responding, I work Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm and cannot respond or invoice on work hours.

Here are the rules:

US Only and must be a verified address. I will only ship to the address that shows up on your Paypal account.

To claim polishes – email me at [email protected] 

Make sure your email has the polishes you want (include brand and polish name… some polish names are used throughout several brands) and your Paypal address. Once I send an invoice, you have 24 hours to complete purchase.

Priority goes by timestamp. If you are adding to your claim, make a new email – do not reply to your already sent one as it will push it to the back of the line. I am responding in the order they show up in my inbox from oldest to newest.

Shipping & Handling starts at $4.00 and will go up by .50 for each additional polish. At 6 polishes it will automatically bump to Small Flat Rate Box ($8.25) at 9 bottles it will bump to Flat Rate Bubble Mailer ($8.45) at 12 bottles it will bump to medium flat rate ($14.25) and at 25 it will bump to large flat rate ($19.20)

I reserve the right to refuse a sale.

Please be sure about what polishes are being claimed. I will no longer make multiple changes to invoices as it’s too confusing, too much back and forth and in some cases – taking up to 48+ hours to complete. Once an invoice is sent and paid – I will not make any changes to it due to paypal fees for refunding in order to correct the invoice to the new polishes. I cannot swap polishes already on a paid invoice (the invoice has to match what I ship)

I will ship within 7-10 business days of receiving payment.

I cannot guarantee thermals still transition and I have too many to determine if they all transition. Base the purchase of a thermal on the photo provided below.

Please Google swatches. I took these photos and some colors do distort and color correcting 1 polish could morph another in the photo – so please look up what you will be purchasing.

Some polishes have no label, handwritten label, or a coded label (some polishes I get aren’t named yet) – I will do my best to say which they are if coded – but no guarantees if I can’t find the info. Some polishes I get are never released, so some shown may be more of a proto the maker never released. Some are from mystery bags from sellers.

No refunds. I requested you look up swatches and I can’t do much more than that. If a polish isn’t what you want, I’m sorry but I cannot refund you. All sales are final.

Please be patient with me. I do work in a busy medical practice and I do not have time to check emails during the day while at work. I will go by time stamps and in order when I invoice. If all polishes you requested are claimed, I will email to let you know – so either way you will hear back from me.

Let’s do this.

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