HITS Mari Moon in Cutie Pie

by Lisa Heath

I’m a sucker for pretty things and HITS Mari Moon in Cutie Pie doesn’t disappoint!

This was another find from Llarowe’s shop.  I was looking for something a little different and I wanted a multichrome polish.  I ordered this last Thursday and got it on Monday – that’s how fast shipping was.  The shipping prices are good too.  Most retailers start shipping upwards of 5 dollars even if it is just for 1 polish – but not Llarowe.  Shipping a polish with her starts at below $2.00!  Wowza.

Now, as I said I wanted a multichrome polish and the picture swatch in her shop showed a pretty pinkish purple with a blue duo chrome look.  I don’t have one of those so I threw it in my cart.  I got the bottle and holy crap…in the bottle you see colors just change in front of you.  Flashes of blue, pink and purple change as you move.  Breathtaking.  I knew right away that photographing this would probably be a pain.  One of those beauties that a picture can’t capture no matter how many you take.

I decided that I wanted to use HITS Mari Moon Cutie Pie for tonights manicure.  I used two coats and they went on like silk.  Smooth and trouble free.  I used Poshe fast dry top coat on top to seal it in.  This polish is gorgeous.  I keep staring at my nails as a I type and the flashes of color are so vibrant and so lovely it is hard to take my eyes off of them.  Nick took multiple pictures so we could TRY to capture all the colors in this one little polish, but there are still colors we couldn’t quite get.  Behold the beauty of Mari Moon Cutie Pie!



Now I want all the Mari Moon multichromes.  Llarowe’s site is going to kill my account!

HITS Mari Moon polishes retail for $8.00 a bottle or you can buy one of the two sets available (4 polishes per set) for $28.00.  Each bottle is 6ml.  For some reference – Zoya, Opi and China Glaze polishes are 15ml.  You do get a smaller bottle, but this polish is worth it.


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Tina January 25, 2012 - 10:14 pm

I had problems with three of my brushes being wonky. She did post on her site that there were getting new ones in and we could contact her. One of them it wasn’t just a wonky brush the actual pieces of the brush were stuck in the polish so I’ll Have to email them but seriously she packs so well . I’m loving the cutie pie even I may have to get her. To follow up on the brown sparkle I really like it. Very different

Lisa January 25, 2012 - 10:21 pm

Which brown sparkle did you get? Glitter Gal? Is the actual name Brown Sparkle?

I really didn’t expect Cutie Pie to have so many colors, the shades just flash different and its so eye catching! My brush isn’t wonky at all, but ick at there being hair in the polish!

Tamala January 26, 2012 - 5:15 am

I love this color. I have been eyeing the Hits collections, but I haven’t bought any yet. I for sure will be investing in some of these babies! So unique and pretty.


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