by Lisa Heath

If you would like to advertise with Cosmetic Sanctuary please contact me.

Cosmetic Sanctuary also supports Google Direct

You can choose to:

  • Display ads or have exclusive dedicated pages towards your products.
  • Product reviews – All reviews are honest, good or bad. I will not bash your product / brand, but give my honest opinion on the product I am reviewing.
  • Product Page
  • Other ideas? What did you have in mind, I’m open to suggestions.

Contact me at [email protected] and tell me what you have in mind. We’ll put something together that works for both of us.

Ad space can be placed almost anywhere as long as its not in the way and becomes “annoying” for my followers. Let me know the size of the ad and where you would like it located and we can work something out.



Cosmetic Sanctuary is located in San Francisco Bay Area California. If you would like me to attend and cover an event please contact me via email.  This can be for video coverage, review, news, and more!


 Product Submission

We are always looking to test and try out the latest beauty products. Please send me an email at [email protected] for more information or fill out my contact form.