The Icing Magnetix Nail Polish

by Lisa Heath

Sometimes you really find small treasures where you least expect it.

Last night I was pinning some photos on Pinterest when I came across a glitter polish with stars in it and I wanted it.  Nick said “We’ll go polish hunting tomorrow then” and that is exactly what we did.  We drove to the closest mall and stopped into Icing to check out their nail polishes (this is where the polish I liked was from).  I immediately found 3 glitters I like (one being the color I originally went for) and at the register I saw Icing Magnetix Nail Polish!  I don’t currently own a Magnetic polish so I was thrilled!  The store I went in only had 2 colors available (no names on them) They had a silver one and a blue with a slight purple duochrome.  The sales clerk said they also have it in a purple/pink color and a green/gold but were currently sold out of them

I grabbed the blue one, added it in with the other 3 polishes and left!

Here is my total Icing Haul.  Going to talk prices really quick, because I thought they were great.  The sparkle polishes and regular polish colors they have are $4.50 a piece and have a close similarity to China Glaze Bottles.  The Magnetix polish (wait isn’t that also what China Glaze’s new magnetic polish line is called?) are $9.00 per bottle.  They also have a Mood Polish which I skipped today that is $5.50 a bottle.  All polishes in Icing are Buy One Get One 50% off ALL THE TIME!  That’s my kind of place!  Claire’s has the same deal since they are the same company as Icing!


In the picture – from Left to Right the polishes are: Pop the Bottle, Written in the Stars, All Night Long and Blue Magnetix

Ok onto the polish.  First things first – the brush is all kinds of screwed up.  Its curved.. like it doesn’t fit in the bottle and the tip was bent along the bottom and now comes out in a crescent moon shape.  I dealt with it and application wasn’t horrid once I got use to it, I just had to be careful.  I found using it with the curved end pointing towards my nail was the easiest (in case anyone else comes across this issue).  I only used one coat of Magnetix paint and held the magnet over each finger as I went along.  Blue comes with a wavy line magnet (Some come with wavy, some come with diagonal) which I liked better than the look of a diagonal.  It went on smooth (although the brush tried to ruin it!) no bubbles or streaks.  Not too bad Icing… not too bad.

For those newer to Magnetic polishes, basically this polish comes with a “top cap” that comes off and you set it aside.  This “top cap” has a magnet with a pattern in it to create the “wavy” effect in the polish.  Once you brush the polish on your finger you immediately hold the magnet cap over your nail for 10 seconds and the magnet brings up the metallic particles in the polish to create the design.  Very neat!  There are also “finger rests” on the top cap to rest below your nail so you have a less chance of hitting your nail, kind of a guide.  There is a “guide” on 2 sides of the top cap so you can do a sideways wave (like I did) or a vertical wave if held the other way.  You can skip the guide altogether too and do a  diagonal wave across your nail.


I had a slight clean up snafu – so ignore the lovely blue goobity gunk around my fingers and nails, please and thank you.

Icing Magnetix nail polish is available at the Icing for $9.00 per bottle (and don’t forget Buy One Get One Half Off!) and is only available IN store!  They do not sell online unless you get one on Ebay or thereabouts.

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Deb Mariano January 22, 2012 - 5:57 pm

What does madnetic mean! It looks great but I’m clueless to what it does exactly, thanks

Lisa January 22, 2012 - 6:08 pm

Magnetic polishes come with a magnet on the top cap (there is a cover cap that you take off and set aside that holds a pattern magnet). Once you paint a nail you hold the magnet over that nail for about 10 seconds and it brings the magnetic particles of the polish to the surface to create the wave effect you can see on my nail!


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