Glittery Gradient using Zoya Kristen, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum & Opi Gone Gonzo!

by Lisa Heath

I don’t have a ton of blue polish (I’m working on it though!) but I felt like using one of them tonight.  My choices were Zoya’s Kristen, Zoya Charla, Zoya Phoebe, OPI Gone Gonzo! and Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum… yup thats the current extent of my blue polishes.

I brought them all out and decided on Zoya’s Kristen.  Love this color.  Zoya Kristen came out in Zoya’s Feel Collection in the fall of 2011.  It is a lighter powder blue cream that leans grey.  Zoya Kristen isn’t bright or vibrant, but its still lovely. I applied 2 coats and they smoothed over beautifully.  Love it when polishes do that.

When I was done though, I looked at Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum which I just bought… and felt that I should have used that since it was brand spankin new. Sally Hansen HD Spectrum is a gorgeous turqouise color with a glittery aspect to it.  Not large glitter sparkle, but a subtle shimmer. Suddenly I thought – GRADIENT!  So I took a latex wedge sponge and sponged it on the tips.  Looked good but needed a bit more umph.  I wanted sparkles, not sure why but I have been on a HUGE sparkle kick lately.

I grabbed OPI Gone Gonzo! and sponged that baby on too and holy moly the results are FAB!  I love all the shades of blue and the glitter!  OPI Gone Gonzo! is a flashy aqua blue glitter with larger silver hex glitter mixed in.  Layering Gone Gonzo! over Spectrum really brought out the aqua blue in Gone Gonzo!

My mission in the next week or so is to collect some more blues!  Still looking for a bright springy blue!  Suggestions welcome!

Zoya Kristen is available on for $8.00

Sally Hansen HD Spectrum is available in most drugstores as well as Target for $6.99

OPI Gone Gonzo! is available in select Beauty Supply stores for about $10.00

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Albanellys Oliveri January 16, 2012 - 9:26 am

It looks great.. I’m on the fence with the Glitter but I really wanna try it out.. can you post on your FB or here a pic of the latex sponge??

Lisa January 16, 2012 - 9:31 am

I’m at work so I don’t have the actual sponges with me – but these are the ones I get at target! When I get home I will take a picture of the sponge close up. Usually I take one “wedge” and rip it to get an uneven surface to do a gradient :) They are also available in Latex Free form as well!

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