Zoya Opal over Zoya Bevin

by Lisa Heath

Trying to do some more swatches of Zoya’s True and Mylar Fleck Effect collections and today was Bevin and Opal’s turn!

Zoya Bevin is described as a dusty sage green with teal tones.  I used 2 coats of Bevin and both coats went on smooth and even.  No wateryness or streaks.  Once dry I did one coat of Zoya Opal.  Opal is described as flakes that flash from bright blue to bright green in a sheer green base.  The mixture of Bevin and Opal together look amazing.  In normal light some flakes of Opal almost match Bevin and looks as though it really is one polish rather than a layering effect.  Bevin makes Opal seem very subtle its pretty!

Here is Bevin on its own using indoor light

Check out the sunlight pictures we got.  Look at how the sun hit Opal’s flakes and just shine.

Zoya Bevin and Zoya Opal are both available on Zoya.com for $8.00 per bottle.  Bevin was released with Zoya’s True Collection and Opal released with Zoya’s Mylar Fleck Effect Collection on January 13th, 2012

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