Vapid Wax | Melting Into Spring Sampler

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Vapid Wax
Melting Into Spring Sampler

Happy Thursday! I’ve been spending the week melting the new Vapid Wax Melting Into Spring Sampler and trying out all these refreshing scents – and now I’m ready to share my thoughts with all of you!

Initially I had every intention on having this post up on Sunday, however… anyone with kids (or a busy lifestyle) knows that sometimes things hit that you have no control over, so this post took a hit because of that. Basically I found out on Saturday that my son had a project due on Monday… and he was given the project a month earlier. So we had to haul butt to get it done and turned in. At first I was irritated, but he explained he got 3 projects at about the same time, and while we completed 2 on time – this one slipped through the cracks.

Anyways – lets get into this Vapid Wax Melting Into Spring sampler!

It’s already released, and a limited number of bags were made. Don’t worry – they aren’t sold out yet – but they are close. Only about 7 left last I was informed.

This sampler includes 10 new fragrance mixes, and they are all some sort of mix that might include fruity, floral or bakery. Jenn of Vapid Wax had a lot of fun playing with these, and the shapes range between puppy paws, mini bundts, hearts, seashells and flowers. The mix ranges, so some scents I have in puppy paws, you might get in hearts.

Ready to jump in and take a look (or sniff?)

Like I mentioned, there’s about 7 sampler sets left, so links will be at the bottom – and don’t forget to join the new Facebook group for Vapid Wax if you haven’t already!

Vapid Wax | Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses is a pale lavender melt with pastel butterfly glitters mixed in, and the scent profile is orchids and osmanthus blended with warming bergamot, hint of sandalwood and a slight musk.

My nose mainly picks up orchid and sandalwood, and the musky scent. This is one of the more floral blends in the set, but it’s a really Spring scent that will get you ready for the season. It’s not overpowering (on dry sniff it can be) but while melting, it’s really fresh and not too ‘old lady floral’ like.

Vapid Wax | Fizzy Grape Soda

Fizzy Grape Soda is exactly what you think – a fizzy grape soda. However, it’s not as strong on the grape as one would think. It actually reminded me more of a fizzy 7-up with a hint of grape. You can get the strong fizzy vibes from it – it’s very effervescent.

You will still pick up the ‘grape soda vibe’ but this is almost a more mature, yet still non alcoholic version

Vapid Wax | Get Your Sexy On

Get Your Sexy On is another that’s primarily floral, but again not too overpowering. On dry sniff, it can be – but give it a chance. This is a perfume blend of jasmine (my favorite floral scent), lilies, and violets, with juicy apple.

My nose picks up jasmine and violets and a slight hint of apple when melting. On dry sniff, I didn’t detect the apple at all and the lilies seem to be a very underlying note that is hard to detect when melting. It blends well, and again – makes your house smell like Spring.

Vapid Wax | Hibiscus Guava

Hibiscus Guava is a base of sweet vanilla and musk with bright tropical fruit, fresh water and green foliage with a hint of sandalwood. This is one of my top picks in the sampler, but not THE top pick.

My nose picks up fresh water and green foliage most on dry sniff, and I can detect the vanilla and some fruity notes. When melting, the fresh water is more up front and center, the vanilla comes out to play a bit more and tropical fruit almost becomes an afterthought type note. It’s there, but it’s shy.

Vapid Wax | Hola Bonita

Hola Bonita is a bright floral bouquet filled with bright white flowers, fresh greenery, dewdrops with a finish of golden amber.

It does absolutely remind me of a fresh bouquet… like a wedding type one. It’s a happy floral and on dry sniff, it’s one of the lighter floral scented ones in the sampler. When melting, the fresh greenery type scent and amber come out a little more and balance out the lighter floral. This is a scent I would melt just to get a crisp, clean scent throughout the home – and it seems like it would be pleasant for just about anyone who visited.

Vapid Wax | Paris Patisserie

Paris Patisserie is described as a walk into a bakery in Paris with this scent, filled with buttery vanilla, tart lemon and sweet blackberries. I really enjoyed this one, and even if bakery scents aren’t your thing, I think you will too. On dry sniff I get a perfect balance of buttery vanilla, lemon and blackberries. Almost like a blackberry lemonade with a buttery cookie.

When melting, the lemon tart comes out more, but overall it continues to have a great balance of the 3 main elements in the scent.

Vapid Wax | Pink Tea Cakes

Pink Tea Cakes is a glazed vanilla pound cake with young pink rose petals and just a hint of musk. I smelled these before I read the scent profiles, and just by the name I was like “OHHH CAKE!” cause Vapid Wax does cake scents well – so I was a little shocked to smell mostly rose, both of dry sniff and while melting.

The bakery like vanilla pound cake mellows the rose scent quite a bit, but you do kind of need to like rose scented things to really enjoy this. It’s not ‘old lady rose’ perfume scented – but more actual rose from a garden type floral.

Vapid Wax | Rose Petals & Cognac

Not everything is a winner to me unfortunately – and Rose Petals & Cognac is probably my least favorite of the bunch. This is purely on personal preference – but cognac is actually a scent I’m not too fond of. This is a blend of delicate rose petals with vanilla & sugar, blended together in this enticing blend.

This is very floral and luckily the rose is a very strong scent in this blend, however – there is an underlying scent that just isn’t my thing. Nick loved it, my mom stopped by while it was melting and she loved it – but for me personally – it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Vapid Wax | Tropical Bellini

Tropical Bellini is another top pick for me.Bubbly champagne and a tropical fruit mix of mandarin, pineapple, papaya, guava and a hint of coconut. My nose picked up the guava and pineapple super quick on dry sniff. It makes you want to be on the beach sipping on a tropical drink.

I was expecting the mandarin,pineapple and coconut to be the top notes I detected, because that’s generally what I get with anything tropical in the name. I was surprised, in a good way, that guava was such a powerful player in this blend. The spike of pineapple in there really goes well with the strong guava.

Vapid Wax | Vanilla Mint

Vanilla Mint is my #1 pick for this sampler. It’s simple and you may think “really?” but hear me out. This is a classic, clean, crisp, sense awakening blend. It’s good for a refresh or a pick me up any time of day – and pretty much everyone should enjoy it.

This is described as the perfect spring scent! Buttery vanilla mixed with fresh spearmint.

The spearmint made me happy. Most vanilla mint type blends i have use peppermint – spearmint is a new ballgame and I enjoy it more than peppermint. The spearmint is a very fresh but mellow mint profile and the vanilla balances it out and turns it into a peppy yet soothing scent.

If this came in body spray – I would smell like this all the time. I love it that much.

Vapid Wax | Melting Into Spring Sampler

Of the 10 new scent blends, only 1 was a bit of a miss for me – but again – that comes down to preference. My mom and Nick loved it, I could handle it – it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t ‘my thing’ – however – the other 9 new blends were incredible to me. One out of ten ain’t bad.

All 10 will arrive in a cute little peachy pink iridescent bag and they are all individually sealed in bags with stickers noting what is what.

Price: $8.00 Per Sampler (approx. 5-7 oz of wax)

Where To Buy: Vapid Wax Shop

Vapid Wax Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Fan Group

Again, there’s only 6 or 7 samplers left, so get them while you can!

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