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by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of Vapid Wax
Blue Agave – Odor Neutralizer

I planned on having this up a bit earlier, but I was working on some things today and just got totally side tracked. So before I head to bed, we’re going to talk about Vapid Wax Blue Agave Odor Neutralizer!

Basically – my house hit the scent jackpot (not in a good way) since I have a teen boy, as well as an indoor cat (which means litter box) plus Nick and I work full time, and honestly – sometimes we’re just a little too tired to do dishes at the end of the day. By “we” I clearly mean me since Nick does the cooking and dishes are my job.

When Jenn of Vapid Wax asked if I wanted to try out the Blue Agave melts, and she said they helped neutralize odor – I was completely on board. Before I even received them, I knew the 2 main rooms to really put them to the test. Jacob’s room and the laundry room (where the litter box is kept) since those are easily the 2 areas that would really make Blue Agave work.

First test was Jacob’s room. Now… my son actually has good hygiene. He’s 14 years old, showers daily, uses deodorant and all that… but his room smells like something might have died in it.

I was warned about a lot of things when I found out I was pregnant with a boy, but walking by his room one day and having an odor almost knocking me on my ass wasn’t one of those warnings.

The smell is mainly from his socks and from night time sweating. He’s always had a body temp that naturally runs higher than others (as a child, it was hard to determine if he had a fever or not because his temp was always higher on it’s own) so he sweats a lot, but especially in his sleep.

Almost anyone with teen boys will tell you… their rooms just stink sometimes.

I melted the first one in his room for the first time, and it had to pass his inspection first. He didn’t want his room smelling girly or of certain fruits, but he approved of the scent – so he allowed me to melt it in there (which I would have done when he wasn’t paying attention anyway, but it’s better to let him think it’s his choice.)

Now, Blue Agave is described as a clean blend filled with blue agave, driftwood and a hint of amber. This particular blend is an odor neutralizer, so instead of masking or overpowering other scents, it actually nullifies it.

To me, it smells like clean laundry. It’s a nice, fresh, neutral scent. The description throws me off a little because I expect more of the musky amber like scent – but it’s not there. It totally wipes out the scent in the room and leaves it smelling like I just did fresh loads of laundry.

I was incredibly impressed.

Final test? Laundry room where the litter box is.

I clean Lily’s litter box a few times a week. It’s only 1 cat, but… litter holds onto the scent – and we’ve been in this house for 10 years now. Initially we had 3 cats, then Rusty passed on 5 years ago and we lost Wiggles just last October, so we’re down to just Lily… and 10 years of kitties relieving themselves in 1 room and the scent can linger.

Even if it’s not overpowering like a 14 year old boys room, a non pet owner can walk in and know you have a pet by certain smells.

So I melted a paw in the Laundry Room.

I didn’t realize there was much of a scent in there until I melted this and holy WOW it was a fresh and clean area once again. It didn’t upset Lily to have a new scent flowing through the area – and I was surprised at how fresh the air was after.

After melting in both rooms, I’d say the odor neutralizer lasted 3-4 days in Jacob’s room before we had to melt again and the laundry room took almost 2 weeks before I felt I should melt again.

In both rooms, I melted a full paw wax for several hours (probably about 5 )

The Vapid Wax shop is open now for preorder (it will remain open until the 15th) and you can order a nice variety of scents, including Blue Agave.

Blue Agave is available in scent shots, bundt cakes, wax blocks, wax loaves and wax shapes.

Vapid Wax Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Fan Group

I’m waiting for my payday next week and I’ll be buying some wax blocks (my preferred type) and probably some shapes for Jacob to use in his room.

I’m mostly happy that it’s a nice, clean scent that everyone in the house enjoys so I can use it in any area and not have anyone whine at me, but mostly that I have something to melt when people are coming over that won’t seem like I’m masking anything.

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you have kids, pets, or just want an odor neutralizer – this stuff is fantastic.

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