Vapid Wax | Citrus Breeze & Snuggles Odor Neutralizers

by Lisa Heath

Press Samples of Vapid Wax
Citrus Breeze & Snuggles Odor Neutralizers

It’s late and I’m still awake (yay random bursts of energy) so I figured it’s a good time to knock out a post! Tonight we’re going to talk about the Vapid Wax Citrus Breeze & Snuggles Odor Neutralizers!

At the beginning of April, Jenn of Vapid Wax released Blue Agave – which was the first of her Odor Neutralizers. I fell in love. It neutralized odors in our cat litter area of the house as well as my 14 year old’s room. The scent was nice and refreshing and … well – it got rid of the funk. After using the samples I was sent for review, I ended up ordering 5 more because now I just can’t live without it.

For May, Vapid Wax is releasing additional Odor Neutralizers in two more scents (variety is the spice of life… or something. I think that’s the saying) because not everyone is going to love everything. It is always good to expand to please a larger audience.

The new Odor Neutralizers come in the scents Snuggles and Citrus Breeze – and we’re going to talk about them now that I tested them out.

Vapid Wax | Snuggles

Snuggles is described as ‘Cuddle up with this warm fragrance that reminds you of your favorite fabric softener.’

When I first sniffed it, that’s exactly what it reminded me of – fabric softener. I can’t think of the exact type of fabric softener – but I do detect floral notes in it. Musky floral and clean fabric is my gut response to what I’m smelling.

Much like Blue Agave, it does neutralize our litter room scent. I did not test it in my sons room because he didn’t care for the floral notes.

I do like this one, but of the 3 odor neutralizers, this is my 3rd pick. You do need to like floral notes at least a little to enjoy this one. I personally do like florals, and I do love that this isn’t a strong floral – however, I just enjoy the other 2 a tiny bit more.

Vapid Wax | Citrus Breeze

Citrus Breeze is described as ‘Sparkling fruits such as satsumas and passionfruit will fill your senses and neutralize the air.’

If you love fruity notes, then this is definitely for you. To my nose, it does smell citrusy and clean. More specifically – the scent reminds me of when you first dig into the rind of a mandarin, and you get that initial citrus burst – but also a bit of the scent of the rind. It’s refreshing and makes you crave the fruit just a little more so you hurry to dig the rind off.

Yes I use my nails to peel the rind.. which is why I dig the rind off.

That is the best way for me to describe it. Do I love it more than Blue Agave? No. Blue Agave is still my favorite, but this one falls at #2. Jacob actually loves this one the most though. He likes citrus scents and immediately said he wanted this one in his room – and he got his wish. It did knock out the funky odor in his room (although it has been calmed down since Blue Agave came into play) and he wants more when they go up for sale.

Vapid Wax | Citrus Breeze & Snuggles Odor Neutralizers

Okay so to recap for everyone on the current Odor Neutralizers from Vapid Wax:

My order of favorites: Blue Agave, Citrus Breeze, Snuggles

Jacob’s Favorites: Citrus Breeze, Blue Agave, Snuggles

Nick’s Favorites: He was too stuffed up from being allergic to my cat to participate.

If you are into florals – Snuggles is for you.

If you are into citrus – check out Citrus Breeze

If you are into clean, fresh, neutral scents – Blue Agave is for you.

They all neutralize and give a fresh scent – it really just comes down to what you personally like when deciding which to get.

From May 1st – May 15th – Citrus Breeze, Blue Agave (I think) and Snuggles will be available in scent shots, bundt cakes, wax blocks, wax loaves and wax shapes.

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I am hoping it’s possible for Vapid Wax to expand on this line even further because it’s nice to neutralize odors caused my kids and pets, and I won’t lie – even me. I’ve woken up some mornings like “wtf is that… oh it’s me” so it happens. Our bedroom doesn’t always smell like roses in the morning – so … it’s needed at times.

I know it’s not just me either. I’ve been in other homes.

Anyways – hope you enjoyed – and if you missed out last month or skipped Blue Agave because it wasn’t in your scent preference – maybe one of these will be good for you.

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