Vapid Wax | Cereal Killerz Halloween Sampler

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Vapid Wax
Cereal Killerz Halloween Sampler

Happy Sunday! It’s finally September, and in just a few hours you’ll be able to snag the Vapid Wax Cereal Killerz Halloween Sampler!

The Vapid Wax Cereal Killerz Halloween Sampler is a cute little sampler bag with 3 different scented wax melts. Each one smells like different, fun Halloween cereals… and we tend to buy the cereal every year. My coworker goes nuts for one of them and buys them in abundance to make sure she has them until at least Christmas.

Ready to take a look at this adorable sampler?

First off – it will all arrive in these Halloween baggies. Each scent is in a different shape that’s also Halloween themed. The whole sampler will only be $5!

Vapid Wax | Frankenberry

Frankenberry is a sweet strawberry mixed with marshmallow. Really sweet and very candy strawberry like. Each one is shaped like a headstone and has small holo thunderbolt glitters to jazz it up a bit.

Vapid Wax | Count Alfred

Count Alfred is identical to the scent of the chocolate cereal (Count Chocula) mixed with a marshmallow sweetness. This is the cereal my coworker goes nuts for so I plan on giving her one of these melts.

Vapid Wax | BooBerry

I saved my favorite for last! BooBerry is scented like sweet blueberry softened with marshmallow and a touch of sugar. It’s sweet, but captures the slight tartness of a blueberry. Cereal wise, this is my 3rd favorite – but as far as the wax sampler, it’s my favorite scent.

Vapid Wax | Cereal Killerz Halloween Sampler

This is an adorable little bag! Mine had 10 wax melts that were the perfect size to pop into the warmer without cutting and all that. They all had a nice, strong throw and sweetened the kitchen to smell like the popular annual cereals! I love the play on Cereal Killerz too. When I was first told the name of the sampler before the theme, I was like “Ummmmmm…” cause that could go very bad. But once the theme was said – it was super cute!

Each bag is over 3-4 oz of wax. There will be Limited Quantities, so grab it while you can.

Price: $5.00 per sampler (all 3 scents included in each bag)

Release Date: September 1st at 8PM CST

Where To Buy: Vapid Wax

Will you be grabbing this cute sampler?

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