Vapid Wax Preorders Are Here

by Lisa Heath

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Guess what everyone? Vapid Wax Preorders Are Here! That’s right, the wax we’ve all come to know and love is changing things up a bit! We all know we can scramble to fill our carts during Vapid’s incredible restocks and launches but to make things easier – and to avoid missing out of scents we’ve been dying to grab (or stock up on)  – we now have preorders for Vapid Wax!

The first preorder is on now, but it is on a whole new site. Head to Vapid Wax and set up a new account to make ordering fast and easy. The first preorder window started on the 1st and will run through the 15th. Right now you have the ability to preorder loaves (YES!) and blocks.

While Vapid Lacquer will still have ‘ready to sell’ wax at some launches and restocks, the new site is more geared towards preordering larger quantities of wax in specific scents. In the future there may be ready to sell wax also available on the new site, but you should keep an eye on the  Vapicorns Facebook Group for any new information, changes or updates.

Let’s take a look at the samples I was sent. I only got into wax a few months ago, but a couple of these I have tried in the past and I can honestly say that they smell identical to the waxes we’ve come to know and love from Vapid.

Lavender Coconut Milk Loaf

Look at that giant block of goodness. It smells incredible too.

The loaf I received was in the scent Lavender Coconut Milk. I just received the bath and body goodies on the last Vapid Lacquer launch and have been wearing this scent a lot – so when the loaf came in I knew before opening it up what scent it was.

This scent is a fresh and clean lavender, creamy vanilla and hints of musk.  One of my favorites lately to melt because it’s a calming fragrance to me.

The loaves are approximately 13.5 oz and can easily be cut into small pieces to melt.

Loaves are available now in the Vapid Wax shop.

Twisted Mermaid Wax Blocks

Twisted Mermaid is a new-to-me scent, but I had ordered it in my Black Friday haul (which should be here soon!) and I’m glad I did once I got a whiff of this.

Wax Blocks are 3 oz of product. There are 6 cubes per block, each cube is approximately .5 oz. They are easily broken down and melted by each little block.

Twisted Mermaid is a  blend of citrus and berries, sugar and airy sweetness a little bit of tropical and a touch of salt. On first whiff it can be a little overwhelming if you face dive into it like I did, but if you are a normal person and give it a little sniff without it half buried in your nose – you get a nice aroma of the citrus and berries and definitely pick up the salty notes.

Wax Blocks are currently available for preorder.

Little Wax Paws

These are just too freaking adorable. I received 2 little wax paws in the scents Salty Sea Air and Bear Claw!

Salty Sea Air (shown above) is a very crisp and almost light floral and ocean air clean scent, but it’s very mild.  It has hints of lily, sea spray and drift wood. Another clean, relaxing scent.

Bear Claw (shown below) is sweet almond, buttery pastry and almond cookies. We have this one melting in my son’s room right now. He insisted I get him a wax burner – but he didn’t want “girly wax” and he loves this scent so much. It’s light and bakery like, but not super sugary sweet. More on the mellow side.

Paws are samples sent in orders so they will not be available for purchase, but you may see some pop up in orders ;)

Candy Clouds Bundt Cake

Candy Clouds ALL THE THINGS!

Candy Clouds is a tart lemon zest with sweet lemon curd, vanilla and cotton candy. This is sweet with a tart zing to it. I wear the body mist often so I already knew I’d love it.

Bundt shaped waxes are not available this preorder, but will be in future preorders.

Purchasing Information

As I mentioned above, the current preorder window is from December 1st until December 15th. Since it is preorder, there is a 4-6 week turnaround time on orders.  Both preorder window length and turnaround time are noted on the website – but I wanted to mention it here as well for those who haven’t done a wax preorder before.

From what I can tell (based on wax I already owned from Vapid) there is no difference in dry scent, quality or melted scent.  On the Vapid Wax site – each available scent is listed within each listing.  Those are the current wax scents being offered during the preorder. There are 35 scents available for the December preorder.

I am happy to see this new option for wax opening up. It gives Vapid wax lovers an easier way of stocking up on their favorites!

Each month a preorder window will be opening up. The time frame and length of each window aren’t set in stone yet, so keep an eye on the  Vapicorns Facebook Group for updates.

Price: $4.00 Wax Blocks | $16.00 Wax Loaves

December Preorder Window: 12/1 at 12pm EST to 12/15 at 12pm EST

Turnaround Time: 4-6 Weeks

Where To Buy: Vapid Wax

Again, this is a different website than the normal Vapid Lacquer site, so you will need to create a new log in account.

I already got my Vapid Wax order in… what about you?



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