Splatter Nails using Zoya’s Dovima, Phoebe and Lolly

by Lisa Heath

So I finally attempted Splatter Nails. This actually was a little more irritating than water marbling and more wasteful of polish (so if you want to attempt, use cheap polish!)  I don’t care for the look of it, and I probably won’t do it again – but I am pleased with the results of this attempt.  This just isn’t… “me”.

I started this off testing colors to see what would show up, I knew I wanted Dovima as a base color – but some of the other colors to “splatter” were too sheer to be usable.  I decided on Phoebe and Lolly since they were thicker and bright!

You can use different things to create “splatter” – an empty pen barrel, soda size straw, coffee stir straws, etc.  I originally started with coffee stir straws but they weren’t splattering very well.  Nick actually grabbed a soda straw and said it would work better – so I used that.  I painted the inner part of the end of the straw with a coat of paint and then blew into the straw to “splatter”.  Not too hard right?  Well if you blow into the straw too lightly, the paint just drips out.  If you blow into the straw too hard it can go anywhere BUT your nail.  Same with if you put too much paint inside the straw or too little.  Took a few attempts and wasted a decent amount of polish.  But I finally got it to work.

Here is the end result.  I put a coat of Zoya’s Armor over the top for a shiny look.  Look how nice Lolly and Phoebe showed up against Dovima!  Ugh – I love these matte colors!

Lolly and Phoebe are available on Zoya.com (although due to the decent promo a lot of colors dropped from the site, but they will probably be back up soon!) and are from the Mod Mattes collection retail is $8.00.  Dovima is discontinued (I think) and I had to get my bottle off Livejournal under a cosmetic community – but I got it for only $3.00.


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