Ulta Eye Crayon Set

by Lisa Heath

Another Ulta find – their own Eye Crayon Set.  I almost passed up on this one, but I really liked the colors they put in this multi pack.  It is a set that includes 5 crayons that can be used as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow.

The 5 colors in this set are Birthday Girl, Toasted, Rich, Wild Berry and Smoke Signals.

  • Birthday Girl is a pretty frosty pale pink – GREAT highlighting pencil.
  • Toasted is a shimmery Copper color
  • Rich is a gorgeous shimmery Forrest green (this is one of my favorites)
  • Wild Berry is a lighter pinky violet color with… you guessed it – shimmer! (another favorite)
  • Smoke Signals is a deep shimmery silver.

I’m not a huge fan of most crayon eyeshadows – I do have oily lids and most crayon style shadows slip and slide all over my lid and within 3 hours ends up just gunking up in the crease of my eyelids.  Not really a look I’m going for.

I mainly purchased these to use as eyeliners, but again, I don’t want a line imprint anywhere else on my eyes when I attempt these.

I put these on Saturday morning to test them.  I wanted to do 2 colors at once and we had no plans to go anywhere so I could pack it on and see what happens.  I tested Birthday Girl on my left eye and Rich on my right eye.  I used Rich with Urban Decay Primer Potion and Birthday Girl without (to see if a primer would matter).  At first I was like “Both are pretty colors, they glided on REALLY smooth!”  Then 15 minutes later I was thinking “What the heck?  Why do my lids feel itchy and like they are on fire??”  I told Nick I had to get these off so take a pic NOW!

As you can see in the pictures, within 15-20 minutes they were already going wonky on my lids.  There were bald spots in the center of my lid.  I would test the other 3 colors, but honestly they irritated my lids so bad there is NO WAY I’m using them again.  Ever.  Even at the sale price of $7.99 they just weren’t worth it.   Here are the pictures taken before I took Ulta Eye Crayons off (again 15-20 minutes after application).  You can also see that a primer did diddly for it either.

I picked these up for $7.99 for a set at Ulta.  They also sell Eye Crayons individually for $8.00 and are available in 20 different colors.

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