Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money and Cha-Ching!

by Lisa Heath

I stopped by my local Walgreens to see what nail polish they had in.  My Walgreens seems to be wiped out on a regular basis, so I was surprised they still had some of these glittery wonders available.

Its rare for me to do full on glitter nails, I usually use thinner glitter as a sort of top coat over other colors, but these are too thick to really do that.  You get a ton of glitter with each stroke.  One thing I really noticed was the larger, wider brush on these polishes – I still haven’t decided if I really like the brushes.

My favorite of the 2 I grabbed is definitely Big Money.  It has small champagne glitter particles in it as well at slightly larger lilac round glitter particles.  This went on thick – lots of glitter in one stroke.  I used 2 coats for full coverage.  This one REALLY sparkles – in sunlight it is gorgeous.  Dry time was quick, I was able to do a second coat within a couple minutes of applying the first. I can see myself wearing this one again for a ladies night out or (if I wasn’t a day late) New Years Eve!

I actually regret grabbing Cha-Ching! over the others they had available.  Cha-Ching! looked great in the bottle – small red glitter with slightly larger silver (not the holographic silver, just solid silver) circles- but application was rough.  It was runny and thinner than Big Money.  I put on the first coat and it pooled around the edges of my nails.  It took 4 coats to achieve the same coverage I got in 2 coats of Big Money.  The final result wasn’t as amazing as I was hoping either.  Its pretty, but it didn’t have as much of a “wow factor” for me as Big Money.

Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush collection came out in 8 colors:

Glitz Gal – Deep grey glitter with larger holographic silver glitter
Lady Luck – Magenta glitter with larger holographic silver glitter
Big Money – champagne glitter with larger lilac glitter
Cha-Ching! – Red glitter with larger silver glitter
Razzle Dazzler – Light champagnish pink glitter with larger silver glitter
Showgirl Chic – Silver glitter with larger bright blue glitter
Be-Jeweled – Purple glitter with larger light pink glitter
Bling-tastic – Light blue glitter with larger silver glitter

These retail for $6.99 at Walgreens and are .31 fl oz (US)

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