Benefit The POREfessional

by Lisa Heath

I was never blessed with good skin.   I have an oily T-zone and dry itchy patches on my forehead and cheeks, and mild acne.  Along with that, I have fairly large pores… go me!

I have tried various pore minimizing products, but I generally run into problems with them.  They either make my T-zone an even bigger oil slick or do absolutely nothing to improve my pore appearance.  Benefit’s The POREfessional actually worked and was non greasy AND minimized the appearance of my pores!  I received The POREfessional as a deluxe sample in one of my last Birchbox subscriptions (I think it was December’s box).

Unfortunately, with regular use… it also broke me out.  Not horrible, but more so than usual (I generally get very small pimples around my jawline and one of two on my cheeks).  I discontinued use and my skin cleared up (most likely its because of the silica it contains, which can clog pores).  On the bright side though, I can use The POREfessional on special occasions once in awhile and I don’t seem to break out with minimal use.

Benefit’s The POREfessional is available at various cosmetic stores (such as Sephora) and retails at $29.00 for a .75 oz tube. (The “deluxe sample” I received was a .25 fl oz tube)


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