Painted Polish Striper Trio: Bubbly Striper, Drunk Striper & Hungover Striper Review & Nail Art

by Lisa Heath

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I have the Striper Trio from Painted Polish to show you on the blog today. If you are familiar with Painted Polish, then you are well aware that she has some gorgeous glittery shades and now you can get 3 stunners in striper form for easy nail art!

This trio has 3 shades – Drunk Striper (holographic silver), Bubbly Striper (holographic champagne), and Hungover Striper (holographic gold)

I did some simple nail art with these shades.

The stripers come in thin 10ml bottles with a thin, long brush


Oddly enough… this is one of my first times really using these. I own a ton – but can’t recall ever using them.

Drunk Striper

Drunk Striper

For this I used Drunk Striper to paint my index and pinkie. I used Painted Polish Deux on my middle and ring finger and then used Drunk Striper to make simple diagonal stripes across the nail.

Drunk Striper macro

Drunk Striper Macro Stripes

Bubbly Striper


Full Trio over Black


I used B Polished Midnight In Death Valley to have a black matte base and then did simple small lines at the base of my nail alternating all 3 stripers for a water fall manicure. I was really happy with how this came out.


Look how freaking pretty these look! DO the colors look familiar? They should – they are the most popular Under the Holo Influence polishes in striper form!

Price: $6.50 Each | $18.00 For All 3

Where To Buy: Painted Polish Website

Painted Polish Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

What did you think of these? What kind of nail art would you use them for?

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[email protected] Varnished September 12, 2015 - 6:52 pm

Annnd… I need to buy these!

Marisa September 12, 2015 - 10:32 pm

Wow, these look incredible!!

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Shawna September 13, 2015 - 1:07 pm

These are so stunning!!!

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