Baroness X Fixer Elixir, Sun Goddess Dry Oil & Break-Away Ice Crystal Wax Melt

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of Baroness X
Fixer Elixir, Sun Goddess Dry Oil & Break-Away Ice Crystal Wax Melt

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been testing, and enjoying, 3 products from the Baroness X line! These aren’t polishes, but something a polish addict like me needs from time to time. I was sent the Baroness X Fixer Elixir, Sun Goddess Dry Oil & Break-Away Ice Crystal Wax Melt to try out, and we’re going to go over them today!

If you’ve been following me on my blogging journey over the years (I’m almost on my 7th year!) then you know I put my hands through a lot of abuse. A lot. I go through TONS of polish remover monthly and really need my hands to look their best since they are on display a lot. 

Baroness X is well known for their beautiful polishes, but they also have a pretty amazing bath and body line. I’ve gotten a small taste of it with these 3 items, but I’m sure I’ll be picking up more.

Let’s take a look at these items and then you can check out the Baroness X shop in the links below!

Baroness X | 
Fixer Elixir – Healing Cuticle Cream

When I was first asked to pick out a few things to try, this was immediately what caught my eye. The Fixer Elixir Healing Cuticle Cream. My cuticles always need help, and how they are still intact after all the swatching, I’ll never know. 

You can check out all of the ingredients on the Baroness X site, but the noteworthy ingredients are aloe vera juice, rosehip seed oil, kelp extract, neem extract, lanolin, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract and allatoin.

With ingredients like allatoin, which softens skin and helps protect it and decreases itching and flaking, as well as aloe vera that helps heal – it’s really no wonder this worked so well for me.

This isn’t a thick cream, but it’s also not too runny. It’s a nice “in the middle” formulation that makes it easy to apply a tiny bit during the day (I can’t leave behind prints on client docs at work) and still go about my business. 

I used the Fixer Elixir for 3 weeks straight, between 2-4 times a day. I do work in accounting, and it’s a busy season right now, so getting paper cuts is impossible to avoid. However, I did notice they healed up much quicker than usual. Over time I wasn’t just using this on my cuticles, but basically on my hands entirely as a lotion. 

I selected the scent Apple Hard Candy, which basically smells like a jolly rancher (YUM!) but there is a more extensive scent list to choose from if apple jolly ranchers aren’t your thing. You can also pick it up in unscented as well as the Scent Of The Month.

Baroness X | Sun Goddess’ Dry Oil

For the next product, I took a gamble. I so wanted to try this, but I usually am wary of dry oils – or body oils in general. There is one I’m allergic to and I honestly don’t know what it is exactly that sparks the hives. 

Remember Skin So Soft? There was an oil they had that doubled as a mosquito repellant? I couldn’t use that. When I was a kid my mom doused me in it and I developed hives immediately. Also bath oils, can’t use those. Since I didn’t have a life threatening reaction, we never got it checked further, instead I just avoided most oils.

I am happy to say that the Sun Goddess’ Dry Oil doesn’t contain whatever it is that sets off the reaction. So my gamble paid off.

Sun Goddess’ Dry Oil is a silky, weightless dry oil spray that can be used on your skin or in your hair. I’ve been applying it straight out of the shower on both my hair and my skin, and I smell amazing – lemme tell you. I received it in the Elderflower and Berry Spritzer scent and it’s feminine and fun.

My skin soaks it up and looks and feels hydrated. My elbows are in the best shape they’ve been all year, and I also make sure to rub it into my cuticles as well.

There’s a few options with this, you can choose a different scent from the scent list, but you can also choose a normal spray (which I did) or as a shimmery oil (either silver shimmer or golden shimmer).  Since I planned on using this daily, I opted for no shimmer.

Baroness X | 
Break-Away Ice Crystal Wax Melt Bars

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with this, but when it arrived – I loved it. The Break-Away Ice Crystal Wax Melt Bars are thin, long bars with crystal like patterns that can easily be broken off to melt.  I’m a little new to wax melts, but I generally see loaves, shots and clamshells, some fun shaped melts on occasion – so this was a new look for me and I really like that it doesn’t require a cutting utensil to break pieces off. There are small “crystals” and medium to large ones – so you have different amounts you can melt.

Lately I’ve been doing most of my melting in the kitchen, and I prefer citrus or laundry scents in there, so I picked Lemon Souffle as my scent and it’s perfect as a midday melt to wake you up a bit and brighten your day.

Nick and I have different scent preferences when it comes to wax, so the main ones we agree on are bright, cheerful citrus, ‘clean laundry’ type or straight vanilla. This scent was perfect for us both and he requested I get more of it since this bar is gone and we pretty much melted it every single day since I received it.

It also has a really pretty shimmer to it!

Baroness X Fixer Elixir, Sun Goddess Dry Oil & Break-Away Ice Crystal Wax Melt

So overall, this was the perfect selection for me. The Fixer Elixir was by far my favorite item that is a new staple for me. The Dry Oil works really well for my skin, and will be a savior during these chillier months ahead. The wax was a homerun for both myself and my boyfriend. Perfection.

You can check out the Baroness X shop for more bath & body goodies, but also be sure to check out Indie Pickup this month, Fixer Elixir will be available there as well for October’s shop!

Where To Buy:  Baroness X Shop

Baroness X Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday, make sure to check out the shop and stock up on some goodies (there may be a bit of a sale going right now!)

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