Milani Color Statement Lipsticks – Naturals & Browns – Swatches and Review

by Lisa Heath

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks – Naturals & Browns – Swatches and Review


It’s time for the 4th and final installment of the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks!  I’m having so much fun with them, I’m kind of sad there aren’t more!

Milani sent all 4 sets of Color Statement Lipsticks for me to review, and the 4th group is Naturals & Browns!  While I love nude lipsticks, the Browns don’t really work on me.  There are plenty of ladies out there that these would look amazing on, and the colors are quite pretty – I just don’t have the skin tone to carry them off!


The previous 3 sets (I will link them all at the bottom!) contained 7 Lipsticks and 2 Lip Liners.  Naturals & Browns came with 9 Lipsticks and 2 Lip Liners.  Let’s jump into this one!

Nude Creme:

Nude Creme

Nude Creme is a slightly pink toned pale nude.  A little lighter than I’m comfortable with, but this would mix nicely with brighter or darker colors to tone them down a tad!

Naturally Chic:

Naturally Chic

Naturally Chic  is a medium nude tone with hints of pink.

Dulce Caramelo:

Dulce Caramelo

Dulce Caramelo is one of my favorites!  This is more of a “my lip color but better” shade with a hint of shimmer!

Teddy Bare:

Teddy Bare

Teddy Bare is another color I liked and will wear again.  Teddy Bare is a mid toned nude cream.

Candied Toffees:

Candied Toffee

Candied Toffee is another I liked!  This is a metallic finish, pink toned light brown.



Now we’re getting into colors that just don’t work on me.  The shades are pretty – but not on me!  D’Oro is a metallic finish golden brown.

Bronze Beauty:

Bronze Beauty

Bronze Beauty is a bronze shimmer lipstick.  The photo doesn’t pick up the shimmer well, but it was actually a really nice shimmer!

Chocolate Berries:

Chocolate Berries

Chocolate Berries is a brownish red tone.  I can ALMOST pull this off despite the dark shade, but I think I would need to sheer it out a bit first!

Double Espresso:

Double Espresso

Double Espresso.  Hmm.  Really too dark for me.  Double Espresso is a pearly deep brown.

The Lip Liners:

Lip Liners

On the Left we have Spice, and on the right we have Cocoa!  Like all the other lip liners in the set – these had great pigmentation and no application issues!  I used Spice for most of the photos and used Cocoa on just Double Espresso and Chocolate Berries!

Overall – The Naturals & Browns wasn’t my favorite of the sets, it had the least “wearable” lipsticks for my skin tone / preference.  That doesn’t take away from the quality and colors by any means.  All of the lipsticks glide on easily, have RICH pigmentation and are affordable!!

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Milani Color Statement Lipsticks retail for $5.49

Milani Color Statement Lip Liners retail for $3.99

You can find Milani Color Statement Lipsticks and Lip Liners on Milani’s website, or find them in your local drugstore!

So what do you think?  Will you be picking up any of the Naturals & Browns?

***Products in this post were provided for review.  All opinions are my own***

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