Mentality Nail Polish Candy Jelly Holo Collection Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath

***Added 7/23/15 – please read this announcement ***

If you have purchased from Mentality from April 2015 – June 2015 and you are experiencing sensitivity, itchiness or burning, please contact Mentality directly to have your polishes replaced. Their email is [email protected]

I personally did NOT experience any reactions when using these polishes, but many did. Please know I would have been fully transparent had I known the damage that was being caused. Again, please read the announcement above and by clicking on it, you will be taken to Mentality’s initial statement regarding the issue.

I had a Reader’s Choice poll on my Facebook page last night on which Mentality collection you would want to see next, and Candy Jelly Holos won!  For those wanting to see the Dark Mattes Collection, that post will be up tomorrow!

The Candy Jelly Holos Collection consists of 8 bright jelly based polishes with a linear holo to them.  I have 7 of the 8 to show you (Lollipop was released after I received the collection).

For color accuracy, refer to the first photo in each set of pictures.  The second photo in each set brings out the holographic more.

Lets take a look!

Bon Bon

Bon Bon

Bon Bon is a heavily pink toned red jelly base with a linear holo.  I used 2 coats for this photo.

Bon Bon AL



Marmalade is an orangey pink linear holo.  I love this shade.  It worked really well with my skin tone!  I used 2 coats for this photo.

Marmalade AL



Taffy is a soft yellow linear holographic.  Of all the shades in the collection, Taffy has the most subtle holo, but it is there.  I used 2 coats for this photo.

Taffy AL



Sourball is a green jelly holographic with the slightest touch of blue in it.  A simply gorgeous shade!  I used 2 coats for this photo.

Sourball AL



Pastille is a favorite!  Pastille is an aqua jelly linear holographic.  I sued 2 coats for this photo.  In some lighting I could catch quick flashes of violet as well.

Pastille AL



Gumdrop is a vibrant blue jelly linear holographic.  I used 2 coats for this photo.  If you love blue, you NEED this shade in your collection!

Gumdrop AL

Hard Candy

Hard Candy

Hard Candy is a purple jelly linear holographic.  It’s purple, so how could I not love it?!  I used 2 coats for this photo

Hard Candy AL


All of these polishes applied like a dream!  They have the thin formula like a jelly, but really good opacity, even in just 2 coats.  The color in each polish is vibrant and just simply beautiful.  The linear holographic within the polish isn’t ‘in your face’ but it certainly isn’t subtle.  It’s in happily in between both.

Price: $7.25

Where to Buy: Mentality Nail Polish Website

International Distributors:  Sally Magpies and Edgy Polish

Mentality Nail Polishes have a  3 Free formula and each bottle has 2 stainless steel mixing balls.

Make sure you check out Mentality Nail Polish on Facebook HERE for updates as well as more swatches!

This is Mentality Nail Polish week on my blog – so check back every day for a post on one of their collections!  At the end of the week, we have a little surprise for my readers as well!

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Shipra January 7, 2014 - 4:00 pm

These are scrumptious! <3

Toria Mason January 12, 2014 - 2:14 pm

Love Marmalade!!

Cindy Joy Loveskitties July 13, 2014 - 10:00 am

If you live in Canada and want these lovely polishes, Harlow & Co. have them on their website. The prices are just right. :D

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