Lumen Nails | Krampus

by Lisa Heath


It’s time for the final Supersition shade of 2023 from Lumen Nails! For December… they created Krampus!

There will be a new monthly theme for 2024 so be ready to see new monthly shades. I did have the pleasure of completing all of 2023’s Superstition theme… so check out the collage below for a look back of the year!

Pretty satisfying to see it all in one place.

For December- if you would like to see Krampus swatched, I do have my YouTube video of it up as well:

Usually the monthly Superstition shades are up on the 13th… however – there is also going to be a 12 piece mystery advent going live, so Lumen has decided to put this out on December 1st at 6pm Eastern. That’s right… later today!

Let’s jump on into this and take a closer look!

Lumen Nails | Krampus

Krampus is a vampy, deep red jelly base with large particle red to gold flecks, as well as what looks like little holo micro flecks as well that are very lightly sprinkled in. I don’t have an official description – so this is my description. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The first coat looks sheer and honestly a little patchy (check out the video to see what I mean) but it builds up beautifully.

If you are looking to collect them all and showed up late to the game… here is a list by month (and i have the collage at the top to reference as well)
January | Friday The 13th
February | Just My Luck
March | Under The Influence
April | Star Magic
May | Varis
June | Salted Sea
July | Phoenix In The Flames
August | Dark Wings Dark Words
September | Twilight’s Flight
October | Shadowed Path
November | Crescent Moon
December | Krampus (plus 12 piece mystery advent!)

The advent coming out is capped at 50! You can pick up all 12 ( no duplicates) or as many as you choose, they are capped at 50 per shade. Each mystery is $11.00 and will begin shipping on the 11th each mystery will be in a bag and numbered if you want to open one each day like an advent calendar or give as a gift!

Release Date: December 1st at 6pm Eastern

Where To Buy: LŪMEN Nails Shop 

Price: $13.00

LŪMEN Nails Social Media: Facebook Fan Group | Instagram

Will you be grabbing this or the advent mysteries

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