Ludurana Superior and Ludurana Arco-Iris

by Lisa Heath

Some more Llarowe purchases to post about!  Seriously if you haven’t checked her out on Facebook yet, you need to.  I haven’t ordered anything yet that I was disappointed with.

Ludurana is another brand I hadn’t heard of until I browsed Llarowe’s site.  A lot of the Ludurana’s were sold out already but I still managed to find two that I really wanted.  I limited myself to one flakie and one holographic Ludurana.

For the holographic polish I chose Ludurana Aurora Boreal in Superior.  Superior is a chartreuse linear holographic polish.  Application for Superior was perfect.  It glides on and feels like silk.  I absolutely love it.  Superior is $14.00 per bottle and the bottle is 8ml (Zoya is generally 15ml for size reference). I used 2 coats of Superior.  Take a look:

Look at that holo!  Love it!

My second Ludurana is 3-D Flake in Arco Iris.  Arco Iris is a clear jelly base with yellow, copper/red, blue, green & turquoise flakies.  The flakes in this are beautiful.  I used Arco Iris over Zoya Raven (sorry I didn’t do clean up, I was trying to get pics before the sun went down).  I only used 2 coats of Raven and 1 coat of Ludurana Arco Iris.  Ludurana flakies are $7.00 per bottle and the bottles are 8ml as well.

I will be buying more of these as well.  I really need to hit the lotto to feed this habit.

**Both polishes reviewed here were purchased by me**

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