Guest Post: Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art with Ehmkay Nails

by Lisa Heath

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Hi all! I’m Michelle from Ehmkay Nails. If you know nothing about me, I love glitters, textures, and simple (sometimes, more complicated) nail art! I’m excited to be a guest blogger for Lisa since I’m always on Cosmetic Sanctuary for all the latest swatches of current collections!

I’m not really sure what to call this, so I’m going with Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art. I had wanted to do this design for so long, am very excited with the results. The best thing about this design is that it is so achievable with little skill needed. 

I started with two coats of my favorite black creme. You want a black base so that the colors of the glitters really pop.  Then I took out ten different glitters in rainbow shades. You can choose a rainbow color scheme or do a more tonal theme (blues and green or pinks and reds). For easier use, I uncapped all the polishes so I could dip the colors as needed.

Using the brush on the polish, I began blobbing colors of glitter around the shape of my nail, leaving a black outline. I did colors randomly, sometimes in circles, or lines across the nail. There does not need to be much precision for this to look good. Overall, this sort of looks like stained glass and was super sparkly! It didn’t take very long but the overall effect is truly stunning.

Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art


Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art


Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art


Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art


Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art


Color Block Glitter Framed Nail Art

I think this design would look great with duochromes or color shifting glitters. The best thing is that if you mess up your frame, simply take out a nail art brush and paint black over the part you messed up. It’s really not noticeable!

Thank you Lisa for letting me guest post on your blog! If you want to see more of my blog, check out my blog HERE, my Facebook page HERE, or my Instagram HERE.

Thank you so much for guest posting for me Michelle!  I need to try this out, it looks GORGEOUS!

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Cindi June 26, 2014 - 6:41 pm

This is so beautiful! I love the black border and the colors really pop.


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