Foxy Paws & Well Nails Swatches and Review

by Lisa Heath

To start this post off, I want to give a HUGE apology to the maker!  I did the swatches back in September and was positive I posted them, but apparently I screwed up somewhere!  I am so sorry, it’s unlike me to miss something like that.

I have 3 polishes to show you from Foxy Paws and 1 polish from her other company, Well Nails!  This is an indie brand from Denmark and I love the shades I was sent!  If you missed the first post I did on her polishes, check out Part 1 HERE!

Lets take a look at these 4 shades!

Just Leave Everything To Me

Just Leave Everything To Me

Just Leave Everything To Me is a gorgeous mint green linear holographic.  I used 3 coats for this photo and it applied beautifully!

Just Leave Everything To Me CU

Just Leave Everything To Me AL

Just Leave Everything To Me CU AL

She’s Got The Look

She's Got The Look

She’s Got The Look is a favorite of mine!  It is described as a clear based polish filled with neon stars in green, pink and purple and  sparkled up with orange, yellow and blue microglitter and holographic shimmer. I used 1 coat of She’s Got The Look over Just Leave Everything To Me.  I was surprised at how easily the stars came out without having to fish around for them!

She's Got The Look CU

Spit Spot

Spit Spot Full

Spit Spot is a clear base full of dot glitters in black, turquoise, lavender, pink, fuchsia and holo silver.  The base was a little slippery for this one so I did use the dabbing method to apply.  I used 1 coat of Spit Spot over a black creme.

Spit Spot

Nothing But The Funk

Nothing But The Funk

Nothing But The Funk is by Well Nails.  Nothing But The Funk is a gorgeous purple jelly base with bright yellow hex glitters in various sizes mixed in!  I used 2 coats over Zoya Kieko.

Nothing But The Funk CU


Much like the last review I did for Foxy Paws, I have no issues to report for these 4 shades!  Spit Spot needed the dabbing method to apply, so if you aren’t a “dabber” that may not be a polish for you, but it didn’t take long and I got a good amount of dot glitter with each dip in the bottle.  Nothing But The Funk and She’s Got The Look are unique to my collection, and definitely welcome additions!

My Top Picks: She’s Got The Look and Just Leave Everything To Me

Price: $13.86 Each

Where To Buy:  The Foxy Paws Website

Make sure you take a second to revisit my previous Foxy Paws post!  There are some stunners in there as well, especially Girl On Fire!


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Toria Mason January 7, 2014 - 3:28 am

Oh no! Everyone makes mistakes. Hope she was understanding. :(

Spit Spot is gorgeous, really love it over black!


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