SinfulColors SinfulShine Most Sinful & VIP Swatches and Review


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If you have ever been into a Walgreens, then you should be familiar with SinfulColors!  Everytime I walk in there (which is often) I beeline for the SinfulColors display to see what shades are out that I don’t currently have.  My SinfulColors collection at home is actually pretty big.  At last count I had 125 SinfulColors, but I know I have some stashed away in the kitchen as well that aren’t counted.

A few months ago a new SinfulColors display popped up at Walgreens.  Not just any SinfulColors though… this was SinfulShine with Gel Tech.  I was curious so I grabbed 10.  I know I’ve shown a couple on the blog already (Alfresco is my favorite so far!).  What is SinfulShine with Gel Tech?  It’s basically a polish that claims to have the same high shine glossy finish of a UV cured gel but without the hassle of needing a UV lamp and without the removal process of gel.

What did I think of this claim?  Take a look and see.



VIP is a vivid hot pink shade.  I reached complete opacity in just 2 coats.  No top coat was used for this photo.  This is VIP with 2 coats on it’s own.



This is completely dry and look at that shine!

Most Sinful:


Now THIS is a killer blue!  If you are a blue fan, you need this!  Most Sinful is a fabulous royal blue shade that was completely opaque (and glossy!) at just 2 coats.  Again, no top coat was used for this photo and the polish is completely dry.



Both of these do give off the appearance of being a gel, but they aren’t!  I own a ton of SinfulColors (and I have since purchased most of the collection…) and for the price you really can’t go wrong.  They make great stand alone shades or polishes to do nail art with.  I also love using them for glitter mani “undies”.  Do I think they are glossier than normal SinfulColors polishes?  Yes, I certainly do!

SinfulShine retails for $2.99 and are exclusive to Walgreens

There are 32 shades in total that range from vibrant shades down to nude shades.  A little something for everyone!

Make sure to check SinfulColors out on Facebook as well as Twitter for more swatches of shades from both the normal SinfulColors line as well as the SinfulShine line!

Here is a shot of all the shades available:


Do you own any?  If you do, I’d love to hear some favorites!  If you don’t, you should go snag a few!


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