Best of 2013 Top 10 Mainstream Nail Polishes

by Lisa Heath

Last night I showed you my Top 10 Indie Polishes and tonight I’ll show you the Top 10 Mainstream Polishes that either blew me away, or became a staple in my collection!  This was a slightly easier list to narrow down because there aren’t so many color combos, holographics or anything that made me stumble.

Best of 2013 Mainstream Polish

Much like last nights post – my opinion is sure to differ from others.  I picked 10 shades that I reach for again and again regardless of whether it’s to wear alone, or as polish undies for a glitter top coat.

Take a look!

Number 10 – OPI My Vampire Is Buff


I know, you are probably looking at this color thinking “Umm, that’s boring..” BUT it made it into my top 10 list because I use it CONSTANTLY.  This is a staple in my collection and I have an extra bottle for when this one runs out!  Between this one and OPI My Boyfried Scales Walls – I’m pretty set in base colors.

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Number 9 – SinfulShine Most Sinful

Most Sinful

In general, SinfulShines and SinfulColors have become a staple for me.  You can usually buy these for $1.99 to $2.99 (Unless they are on sale then you can get them for about 99 cents!) They are affordable and for the most part can really build a nice range of colors, textures and glitters for less than 30 bucks.  SinfulShine Most Sinful is a stunning blue that I’ve used several times.  My current SinfulColors collection runs about 120 polishes deep.  Yeah – they are staples for me for sure.

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Number 8 – Nicole By OPI Cinna-Man of My Dreams


I’ll just say it now.  Textures dominated my Mainstream Polish list.  I know it’s a current trend and it’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.  Completely.  Nicole by OPI’s Cinna-Man Of My Dreams has texture and a color shift… and I love it.  I am almost out which is sad.  I need another bottle now.

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Number 7 – China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle

Too Yacht Too Handle

Too Yacht Too Handle made my list  because I love the shade!  All year round, I love it!  More of the China Glaze SunSational shades would have made it in my top 10 if the application of most of them wasn’t such a pain.  I will only work so hard on a color, no matter how gorgeous.  This one is vibrant, gorgeous and applied nicely for me.  Definitely a favorite!

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Number 6 –  Zoya Carter


Yup.  Another texture.  Zoya Carter is my second most used Zoya PixieDust.  I think when Zoya got into the texture polish, they did it the best.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover of most textures (there are a few that I am not thrilled with) but so far Zoya hasn’t released a texture I don’t like.  Carter is purple too.  Purple wins a lot in my book.

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Number 5 – Orly Angel Rain


I don’t own too many Orly shades.  Mainly because I have to go to certain beauty supply stores in my area to get them, and the stores are… questionable, so I just don’t.  I buy indies online, but I prefer to buy my mainstream polish in stores.  Angel Rain is gorgeous and I actually started venturing out looking for more Orly beauties since getting this one.  Well done Orly.  Well done.

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Number 4 – OPI Make Him Mine

Make Him Mine

I’m not a fan of Mariah Carey.  I use to be when I was like 9, but haven’t been for awhile.  I groaned when I saw OPI partnered with her for another collection BUT I will say the holiday collection was one of my favorite OPI collections of the year.  Yay for that.  It brought a few metallic liquid sand shades that I adored and happily added to my texture polish collection.  Make Him Mine was the one I loved the most.  I love rose gold, so a rose gold liquid sand?  Yes please!

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Number 3 – OPI Eurso Euro


Probably my most used OPI polish this year!  OPI Eurso Euro!  This was released in the same collection as My Vampire Is Buff.  A gorgeous deep blue navy creme shade that looks great on it’s own or layered.  Just perfect!

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Number 2 – Zoya Tomoko


Zoya Tomoko is my favorite Zoya PixieDust to date.  I love it!  This is a fancy looking PixieDust but it isn’t “too much”.  I can wear it all year long and I plan to do so this year.

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Number 1 – Chanel Malice


I own ONE Chanel.  And you are looking at it.  I’m cheap I won’t lie.  There are certain things I will splurge on, but when you own over 5,000 polishes, paying over $20 for one makes me squirm a little.  I will and have done it, but it’s difficult because I always think “I bet I have something identical or close enough to it”.  After seeing countless Malice mani’s posted, I finally gave in.  Is there a dupe?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.  I have my Malice.  I also bought this with a gift card I won, and that softens the blow a little bit.

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So there were a few that almost made the cut into my Top 10, but barely missed it.  Scroll down to see the few that almost got in.

Honorable Mentions

Anise – Cosmic Kiss

Cosmic Kiss

Barielle – Green Apple


butter LONDON – Torch


OPI – Ski Slope Sweetie

Ski SLope Sweetie

OPI – Alcatraz… Rocks

Alcatraz Rocks

And there you have it!  My Top 10 Mainstream Polishes of 2013 (and the ones that ALMOST made it!).  This list seems a little boring I know, but aside from textures, I like simpler mainstream shades for the most part.

Hope you liked this post!  I’d love to hear what some of YOUR top 10 mainstream polishes were in 2013!


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Catherine Dream December 31, 2013 - 9:02 am

I love this roundup!
Eurso Euro is gorgeous!!! and Vampire is SO versatile!

Erin-Paint Those Piggies! December 31, 2013 - 11:32 am

Great top 10 picks and honorable mentions! My vampire is buff was definitely my number one polish of the year. I also totally agree on alcatraz rocks, too yacht too handle, and zoya carter :)


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