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I’ve been playing a bit of catch up here, and I know you have all seen these around already from some absolutely fabulous bloggers, but I’ll throw mine into the mix now!

 The Zoya Naturel Satins Collection is the first set of satin finish shades Zoya has offered.

What is a satin finish?  Well, it’s basically a finish that is too glossy to be considered a matte and a little too matte to be a basic creme type finish, it’s smack dab in the middle of both of those finishes.  If you scroll to the bottom of Adventures In Acetone’s review, she did a nail closeup of all 3 finishes to show it!

Let’s take a look!



I’m starting with Ana to basically get the one “dud” of the collection out of the way for me.  As far as color, I loved it.  It’s a nice light toasted almond shade.  I used 2 coats for these photos and no top coat.

Why was it a “dud” for me?  It had the thickest formula of the 6 so I had the most issues with it.  I even removed the first finished mani to see if I just had an off swatch.  Second go around had the same results.  It didn’t level out well for me at all and you can see the areas where it didn’t do so.  Especially in my closeup nail shot.

Ana CU

Ana Macro



Brittany is a nice, light, rosy mauve creme. I used 2 coats for these photos.

Brittany CU

Brittany macrp



Leah is one of my favorites of the 6 for me.  Leah is a lavender tinged taupe shade.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Leah CU

Leah macro



Tove is another shade I really enjoyed.  Tove is a slate grey shade.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Tove CU

Tove macro



Sage is a slightly muted mossy sage green shade.  This shade worked well with my skin tone, but it’s not my favorite color family.  I might wear this again, but if I don’t it’s purely because of color preference.

I used 2 coats for these photos.

Sage CU

Sage Macro



Rowan is a medium taupe shade.  When I first put this on for photos, I didn’t like it.  It’s not a color I would reach for.  But I was lazy last night and didn’t bother removing it before bed and wore it all day today… and it grew on me.  It’s a nice palette cleanser shade and I actually decided I will wear it again and it was bumped up to my #3 pick for this collection.

I used 2 coats for these photos.

Rowan CU

Rowan macro


I’m still on the fence about this collection.  I love the satin finish (aside from Ana being too thick) but I think it’s the neutral shades that threw me.  Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE them, I just don’t LOVE them.

My top picks for the Zoya Naturel Satins are Leah, Tove and Rowan.

Like most matte shades, these dry faster than cremes so you do need to work faster than normal with them.  If you have prominent ridges on your nails, indentions, or imperfections in general these might showcase them a little more.  I have smooth nails, so I didn’t have to worry about that too much.

I do hope to see more satin finish shades from Zoya in bright, pastel or vampy shades to get a full opinion on their satin line, because I do think it’s the neutrals that I just wasn’t really feeling this go around.

Price: $9.00 Each

Where To Buy: Zoya Nail Polish Website

Zoya Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

What did you think?  Do you love the Zoya Naturel Satins collection?

If you love the flatter finish and love neutrals then I think this is a fabulous collection for you.

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I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. i loved this collection. I am so not a neutral person, but Tove and Rowan will do it for me when I need a palette cleanser. Beautiful swatches!

  2. I do have a bit of ridges on a couple of my nails. Of course as a polish blogger and tester, I try to have polishes come out smooth on my swatch hand and they can cause problems. So in advance before I swatched this set I used a ridge filling base cost, which in turn made application on all the nails so much easier. That being said, I think maybe polishes like this might apply better over a base of any kind. It made me like this collection better! I love the shades and although I thought Sage would be my fave, I ended up loving Rowan! Great article!

  3. Beautiful swatches. Would love to see you do some nail art with these if you have time.

  4. I agree. I was a big fan of the previous naturel collections I thought they were gorgeous especially Marnie and Madeline. But these satins just didn’t appeal to me either.

  5. It’s a shame you didn’t love them. For me, your swatches are so great that I feel like I need them all!

  6. I ended up loving these so much! Way more than I expected to. I think they look great on you! I get what you meant about being on the fence about them though, I think a lot of people are.

  7. I am a little worried about the matte finish being smooth enough for my taste. I can totally see myself wearing these with topcoat as far as the colors though! You made them all look beautiful :-)

  8. I adore neutrals so this collection is right up my alley. Your swatches are stunning!

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