Zoya Lola with Sally Hansen Big Money on the tips

by Lisa Heath

Lola has very quickly become one of my favorite nail polishes.  I snagged it in a promo from the Zoya facebook page during the holidays in the Bold Pink color box (Colors in the Bold Pink box included Lola, Layla and Gilda and retailed for $24.00).  I almost didn’t grab this color box, but Lola alone made it worth it!

Lola is an Ultra-bright warm fuchsia-pink base with strong blue-violet duochrome.  It applies like a dream.  The first coat always goes on evenly and dries within a few minutes.  I always use 2 coats to be completely opaque.  I will be buying a backup of Lola on my next payday.

I decided to pair it with Sally Hansen Big Money on the tips.  I’m already irritated with this polish and I’ve only owned it for 4 days.  The brush is already going wonky.. its a wide brush and its turning sideways making it very difficult to use on the tips.  After 2 uses… its already about 30% gone and it got really thick and gloppy.  I still love the look of it – but application wise I almost gave up tonight.

I tried getting a picture of how much polish was left in the bottle but it was difficult due to the glitter coating inside the bottle, but if you can see the thicker lilac glitter line right above Gem… thats how much is left in the bottle.  I also attempted a picture of the brush going wonky.




I topped this look off with Zoya armor top coat which added a little extra shine to both Lola and Big Money.

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