Zoya Fall 2014 Ultra PixieDust Collection Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath

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How is the weekend almost over already?  I swear it was just Friday!

Tonight I have the Fall 2014 Ultra PixieDusts from Zoya to show you.  And yes… Ultra.  At this point in time there are 3 different types of PixieDusts.  Zoya has released the original PixieDusts (Example here) which are matte textures with a bit of sparkle.  We have Magical PixieDusts (Example Here) which are matte, chunky texture polishes with holographic glitters.  Ultra PixieDusts are similar to Magical PixieDusts, but without the holographic glitters.

So lets take a look at this new spin on PixieDusts!



Oswin is described as a true red matte texture with mega red hex particles.  I used 2 coats for these photos.  Of the 3 new Ultra PixieDusts, this is the only one that dried down to a true matte.  Because of this, it is my favorite of the 3.

Oswin Side

Oswin CU



Ariana is a blue toned red texture with mega hex glitter particles.  This dried down for me to a jelly look.  I waited a long time to take a photo too just in case it took longer to dry, but no dice.  It never dried to a true matte.

I do think this is a batch issue (just wanted to add this) because I have seen Zoya consumers posting random photos wearing Arianna and Noir (which I’ll show you shortly) and it was completely matte like Oswin.  But most bloggers who received samples had the same issue I am having.

Arianna side

Arianna CU



Noir is a deep vampy plum textured polish with mega hex particles.  Had this dried down to a matte finish it would have been my favorite, hands down.  I had the same issue with Noir though that I had with Arianna, which is a shame.  It dried to a jelly look instead of the amazing finish Oswin had.

Noir side

Noir Closeup


As you probably figured out, I was slightly disappointed with this trio.  Oswin has a major thumbs up from me.  I love PixieDusts and I am a huge supporter of textured polishes, and up to this point Zoya has nailed each one.  Unfortunately though 2 of these never dried to a true matte.

I am actually planning on buying another Noir and Arianna purely because I HAVE seen photos of both of these from non bloggers and theirs dried to a matte, which seriously leads me to believe it is just a batch issue.  If I can get a hold of ones that dry to a matte, I will be in love with all 3.  Once I get those 2 new ones I’ll update this post showing if I had a different experience or not.

Price: $10.00 Each

Where To Buy: Zoya Nail Polish Website

This is my first of 3 posts of the Zoya Fall Collections to show you.  Of the 3 of these, I do recommend Oswin if you really love textures like I do.  I’m hoping for better results with Noir and Arianna when I buy them, because my understanding is that they SHOULD be drying like Oswin do.  I will definitely let you know!

If you plan on putting in a Zoya order, make sure to check out my swatches in the Zoya section of my Swatch Gallery!  You might find a few oldies but goodies ;)

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cynthia decker September 29, 2014 - 2:20 am

I have been hearing from others that Oswin is the best choice for this trio! Your manis and photos are amazing!

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April Brooks October 1, 2014 - 1:20 pm

I’m having the same problem with these and I truly LOVE the Pixie Dust polishes. Arianna and Noir don’t seem to have enough pixie dust for lack of a better description which allows the jelly base to show through making them look more like a thirsty glitter with only one coat of top coat which is not a look I’d recommend. I never do swatches for my blog, just full manicures and then I take pictures the next day so I know it’s not an issue of taking photos when the polish is still drying. I also waited a full hour between coats when using Noir but still no good. Do you have a link to any photos of them looking fully matte? I might have to buy new bottles too since I love the idea of both colors so much!

Thanks for your honest review and for all of the hard work that goes into your blog.

Jamie October 3, 2014 - 9:37 am

I really like Oswin, though you’re right, they don’t really dry as matte as I was hoping. I haven’t swatched mine yet so it’s good to know!

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