Welcome to my blog!

by Lisa Heath

Hi there everybody (or should I say anybody) and welcome to Cosmetic Sanctuary! I’ve always wanted to start blogging and sharing my love for cosmetics with the world.

What I intend to do is start sharing news and product reviews to anyone who wants to hear about cosmetics from older products to new products.

I’ve always had large makeup collections from MAC to drugstore brands and I know the frustration of finding that perfect product.  For years I had acrylic nails, but due to time constraints and money, I decided to start painting my nails at home. During that time I fell in love with the variety of colors that were out there and the designs I could do myself (I was use to just simple airbrushing at a salon).  Hopefully we can create something amazing here and share the best products around.

I hope you enjoy and I LOVE feedback, so please leave some comments anytime!

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