Tonic Polish | Late Summer 2020 Release

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Tonic Polish
Late Summer 2020 Release

Today is a Tonic Polish day! The Late Summer 2020 release launches today and we’ve got polish and Tonic Transform Sticks to share!

So first off, what are Transform Sticks? Tonic’s description is:

What I have been trying to create, ever since I started experimenting with cosmetic
formulations, is a super moisturizing, feel good, easy to wear, easy to apply, easy to carry,
dramatic lip color that can show off specialty color shifting shimmers and flakes!

The result is the Tonic Transform stick! If you were to make a Venn diagram with lipstick, gloss,
balm, and salve circles the overlapping area in the middle would be Tonic Transform!
-Dramatic color!
-Multichrome and iridescent color shifts!
-Super soft, almost gel-like stick formula glides on easily!
-Shiny, glossy finish!
-Packed with good-for-your skin, hydrating ingredients like jojoba butter, castor oil, fractionated
coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E!
-Packaged in our 0.15 ounce oval shaped balm tube which makes it easy to carry and apply!
BONUS – the cap stays on tight – don’t you HATE it when lipstick tube caps fall off in your bag
and you end up with lipstick covering everything??

Transform Sticks are Cruelty Free, however they do contain a small amount of beeswax so they are not vegan.

Here are arm swatches of the shades. I am pulling the vanity card this week. I woke up with 3 giant zits about a week and a half ago and my skin has basically been flipping out since the move. I had to change my entire skin care routine and … it’s not going well. When the 3 monsters clear up, I’ll pop in real photos of these on the lips – because they are actually REALLY gorgeous on.

The consistency is a cross between a balm and lipstick. It coats like a lipstick, but it feels like a balm. The color is rich – but it’s not a drying feeling.

I’ve worn Beetle, Bubble Gum and Velvet out – and they lasted about 1.5 hours on me before reapplying – which is about what I expected. There was still some remnants of it remaining, but it was around 1.5 hours that I needed to reapply.

They do glide on easily with no pulling or “skipping” in application.

Overall – I’m super excited to see more of these come out. Of the 6 shades – 4 I would wear regularly and 2 I would wear for certain occasions or possibly to try layering.

Tonic Transform Stick | Velvet

Lush raisin packed with iridescent yellow-green-blue shifting sparks! This is my second favorite of the group. It looks darker in the tube than in person and I feel like this is one of those “universal” shades that will look good on a wider range of skintones.

Tonic Transform Stick | Bubble Gum

Bright pink with a hint of dimensional blue shimmer.

Initially I was like “This will be my favorite!” but it’s my #3 once trying them all on. It’s still stunning – I just happened to fall in love with 2 others a little more. Aside from Sparked – this feels like the “safe” shade. It’s bright but not ‘in your face’ bright. If you have a young family member wanting to wear lip product as a gateway to makeup – this would be an incredibly safe shade to gift them to get them started.

Tonic Transform Stick | Starry Night

Blackened gold metallic shimmer with bright gold sparks and a subtle emerald green shift! Think sultry and powerful rather than a gothic kind of black.

Initially this one scared me a little because I don’t pull off these kinds of lippies well. However, it’s a softer black and not as harsh. I think the shimmer helps liven it up a bit too.

Would I wear it on a regular basis? No. I probably won’t use this often unless it’s for a themed party or Halloween. It’s absolutely a personal preference type color, however… I can still appreciate its beauty.

Tonic Transform Stick | Gilded

Antiqued metallic brass in a barely-there raisin base with a subtle gunmetal shift.

This is another shade that I appreciate it’s beauty, but it’s not necessarily my preference. It’s beautifully done and I can see instances where I will reach for it, but it’s not going to be in my rotation regularly.

Tonic Transform Stick | Sparked

Iridescent red-yellow-green shifting sparks in an otherwise colorless balm base! Sparkles
flashes of red like crazy on a sunny day!

This is beautiful on its own with a subtle looking shimmer or layered over a deeper shade. I personally love it over a medium violet lip color.

Tonic Transform Stick | Beetle

Dark metallic fuchsia-gold-green shifting multichrome.

Beetle is my #1 pick for myself. It’s Fall in a tube for me and I will be buying a backup of this shade and Velvet.

Tonic Polish | Facet-nated

Facet-nated can be a topper or work up to a full coverage flake shade. This is a clear base with red to gold to green multichrome flakes with iridescent blue flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Despite the flakes, it wasn’t super textured in 3 coats so only 1 coat of top coat was needed for a smooth, glassy finish.

The flakes aren’t super densely packed either, so as a topper you will get a good amount of flakes without overloading the base color.

Tonic Polish | Manic Panic

Manic Panic joins the Always In Stock collection within the Neon Brights!

This is a bright purple creme.

This is one of those shades that doesn’t photograph correctly. In person it’s slightly brighter and warmer.

Tonic Polish | Hot Guava

Hot Guava is a neon coral creme. This is a pinker version of False Alarm and I actually prefer this one.

I’ve been wearing this as a pedi color for a week and I love it

Hot Guava also joins the Always In Stock team for the Neon Brights.

Tonic Polish | Angel Parade

Angel Parade is another Always In Stock shade joining the Multichrome Parade lineup!

Angel Parade is a gold to green to silver to blue multichrome. Brush strokes are visible in application. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Tonic Polish | I’m So Fresh

I’m So Fresh is a new addition to the ‘ I’m So Fancy’ line. This is a sheer medium green base with mint shimmer.

The I’m So Fancy line is a base coat, color and top coat all in 1. You can wear them as a wash of color and shimmer or layer up for more impact.

The first 2 photos show I’m So Fresh in 1 coat, and the following 2 photos show it in 2 coats.

Tonic Polish | Starlit Dawn

Starlit Dawn is a clear base with scattered holo, peach to red iridescent shimmer, and red to green to yellow iridescent flakes. I used 3 coats alone to start, then I show Starlit Dawn n 1 coat over each shade within this release ( minus Face-nated)

Starlit Dawn over Angel Parade

Starlit Dawn over Hot Guava

Starlit Dawn over I’m So Fresh

Starlit Dawn over Manic Panic

Tonic Polish | Late Summer 2020 Release

Whew! Okay so my 2 cents – the must haves from this release are:

Beetle, Velvet and Bubble Gum Transform Sticks. Hot Guava, Manic Panic and Starlit Dawn polishes.

Of course you can’t go wrong grabbing all 12 items – but if you need to narrow down – those are my recommendations. This neon bright release is probably my favorite. Hot Guava and Manic Panic are my kind of bright shades and easily my favorites of all that have been released so far. Beetle and Velvet I need to repurchase as backups because I truly love them that much.

This is the Late Summer 2020 release, so if you missed the Summer 2020 Release, you can check it out HERE.

Also – there was a blue shade that got yanked for release for now. Someone spotted it in another swatchers photo and since then, I have received almost 15 (I think?) emails and PM’s asking if I will sell it. I will not. I don’t know if it will be released in a future collection so I do need to hold onto it. Please don’t email or PM about it, because I will not be selling it.

Where To Buy: Tonic Nail Polish Shop

Release Date: September 4th at 2pm CST

Shipping Discount Codes: INTERNATIONAL10 (International Customers) | USFREESHIP (US Customers)

Tonic Nail Polish Social Media: Facebook | Facebook Fan Group | Instagram

Hope you enjoyed and have fun shopping today!

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