Tonic Polish | Fall 2021 Collection

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Tonic Polish
Fall 2021 Collection

Happy Sunday! I’m moving things along and today we’re going to take a look at the Tonic Polish Fall 2021 Collection.

The Tonic Polish Fall 2021 Collection is an 11 piece collection with a lot of shimmer, some holo, a dash of flakes, a thermal… and a reflective shimmer.

I do not have official details or descriptions for this collection – so we’re winging it. I am giving you exactly what I see and sometimes those are the collections I like doing. Even if second guessing myself – I have nothing to double check. If I make an error in description worth changing once I receive the official sheet – I will come back to change it, otherwise – we’re putting my 4 years of various art class to work.

As of right now (or last I heard) the plan is to prepare for a September 10th release date. When I have final confirmed details – I will update it. But it should be next weekend, I was told Friday just the other day.

We’re going to jump in – again – info is subject to change. But with the go date nearing – was hoping to give some of you a little extra time to plan out those purchases. This week you’ll see a TON of swatches coming so you can fine tune your list.

Two of these polishes will be VERY limited. All will be limited since it’s not preorder, but Fading Fuchsia and Ultraviolet will be super limited (50 bottles only.) So … this is a competitive situation. There will be heartbreak. Please prepare yourself for it.

Let’s do this.

Tonic Polish | Fading Fuchsia (Thermal)

Kicking things off with the solo thermal in the collection – Fading Fuchsia is a bright fuchsia (cold) to milky white (warm) crelly base with strong orangey copper to gold shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The warm state is sheerer and not stark white but it’s not clear – it gives a milkyish sheer quality.

This polish was specifically named because Tonic suspects it will fade quicker than others. Think of it as a consumable good that is to be used promptly and make sure you love the ethereal warm state of the polish in case that ends up being its final state!


Tonic Polish | Firebird

Firebird can be used as a topper or a standalone. If used as a standalone – you will have VNL (as you can see from my photos) but if you use a blurring base, you should be okay.

Firebird is a clear base packed with red to orange to gold to aqua to blueish shifting shimmer. On the nail the aquaish blue wasn’t as noticeable unless you really angled the nail. I show it in 3 thin coats on base nail, then a thumb shot of it over black where the red to orange really blares.

Tonic Polish | Flash Lights

This was the holy crap shade for me. When I opened it in normal room lighting – I could see it twinkling like mad. This is also hard to fully capture on video and in photos. It changes with every lighting source and angle.

I already know I’ll be coming back to correct this description – but here’s my best shot.

This is a clear base loaded with green to blue to violet to pink shifting shimmer with scattered holo and reflective gold shimmer particles. Unlike some past reflective shimmer from other brands – this one does not need the use of a flash to go nuts. Even in slightly dimmer lighting – it was still twinkling.

Shown is Flash Light in 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat.

I’m also including a link to my IG that has a moving video of this – which is taken in room lighting (my sons gaming room – yes he’s spoiled and has a whole computer room to himself)

Tonic Polish | Infrared

Infrared is a blackened navy blue jelly base loaded with strong red to orange to gold to blue shifting shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Tonic Polish | Martini

Martini is an olive green jelly base loaded with red to orange to gold shifting shimmer and a soft linear holographic effect. The holo is more obvious in person – but the shimmer almost drowns it out a bit.

I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The shimmer is a bit stronger in my photos due to the lighting hitting it – but in normal lighting this does take on a bit of a coppery green tone. One first coat – the olive green is obvious and as you build up the shimmer gets stronger.

Tonic Polish | Stellar

Stellar is a clear base loaded with red to orange to gold to aqua to blue to violet shifting flakes. In person you don’t see the aqua, blue and violet as much – it’s primarily the red to orange to gold. Against lighter bases, the aqua to violet shot more, but over black the red to gold is much more apparent.

I used 1 coat over Fancy Gloss Got Milk? (milky white crelly) and Tonic Polish Detox (black creme)

Tonic Polish | Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a stunning turquoise jelly base loaded with scattered holo as well as red to gold to green shifting shimmer and micro flecks. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This is a happy color all around.

Tonic Polish | Terra Rose

Terra Rose is a muted rose scattered holographic with green to pink to violet shifting shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This is one of those “office safe shades with a little oomph” to me.

Tonic Polish | Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet is a silver grey linear holographic base loaded with glowy aqua to blue to purple shifting shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The shimmer is larger particle shimmer, but not large enough to be considered micro flecks to me. The purple shift is much more obvious in person.

50 bottles ONLY have been made. Ultraviolet may be released as a more sparkly holo 2.0 version in the future.

Tonic Polish | Violetgold

Violetgold is a cool toned violet jelly base packed with strong red to gold shifting shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This shade is on the sheerer side and you will probably see VNL through it. The shimmer is strong and gives the illusion of opacity under brighter lighting and sunlight, but in dimmer lights or indirect – that illusion goes away. A blurring base coat might be needed.

Tonic Polish | X-Ray

X-Ray is a blackened blue base loaded with bright blue to dark blue shimmer and a subtle scattered holo that lets off little twinkles as your fingers move. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Tonic Polish | Fall 2021 Collection

Again – I did all of these descriptions myself – I have not received the info from Tonic yet. Once I do – i will correct any blaring errors I have or if I left something out. Otherwise – everything here is 100% my words and descriptions.

As of typing this the release date is set for Friday, September 10th. If that changes, I will update.

This collection feels like a wonderful mix of new goodies (hello Flash Light) as well as a feel of some older Tonics style (like Ultraviolet!)

A “Whole Shebang” listing will be available for easy shopping including Flash Lights, Martini, Sweet Tooth, Firebird, Stellar, Violet Gold, Terra Rose, Infrared, and X-Ray.Fading Fuchsia and Ultraviolet are limited and will only be available individually.

Release Date: September 10th | Time: 7PM Central

Where To Buy: Tonic Nail Polish Shop

Tonic Nail Polish Social Media: Facebook | Facebook Fan Group | Instagram

More info to come – and keep an eye on the group for more swatches from a ton of talented swatchers!

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