The Skin Regime – Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin Review & Giveaway

by Lisa Heath

The Skin Regime – Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin Review & Giveaway

Good afternoon!  I have something a little different for you today as far as reviews go!

I was sent a book named The Skin Regime – Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin written by Dana Ramos as well as a sample of a glycolic peel to test out.  The book is an interesting read and helps arm you to help better your skin either on your own, or if you want to see a dermatologist to help.  Dana Ramos compared it (in the book) to whether you want to work out on your own or hire a personal trainer.

This isn’t a textbook on all the horrible skin issues, this is a book Dana Ramos wrote to help people with similar problems to her own.  I personally have ok skin.  Nothing to be impressed with, but certainly nothing I could really complain about.  Would I like better skin?  Of course!   I’m currently 30, only 3 months shy of my 31st birthday and I have some red patches, dry spots and I get breakouts here and there – usually along my jaw line or around my nose.  I still “ohh and aww” when a commercial boasts a new product that is miraculous, but I stopped spending a ton of money on those types of products about 7 years ago because my wallet was hurting and frankly, I never really saw results.  If the product got rid of the dry patches and redness, it increased my outbreaks or vice versa.   We really are our own worst critics, and while my boyfriend tells me I don’t need to change anything, I see all the issues and imperfections.

Along with the Skin Care Regime book I received a Glycolic Peel sample and this is my first time doing an at home peel.  Was I scared?  Yes I was.  I even told my coworker that if I called in sick on Monday (I attempted this on a Friday) that it was because my skin looked like it was melting off.  I was only half kidding.

Here is what I’m working with – a 50% Glycolic Peel from Platinum Skin Care

Here is the before picture of my skin:

Yup here I am in all my glory.  Not a stitch of makeup and getting ready to apply my very first glycolic peel.  I do need to get my eyebrows done,  so aside from that, you can see some redness and bumps (a couple bumps are scars from poison oak I use to get as a child) but overall, it really isn’t much that I can’t hide with some good face powder.  I realize the picture isn’t flattering, but I’m not here to BS you about products.  The only way to really show products, especially skin care ones, is to actually show what you are working with.  That means I get to post pictures of myself people generally wouldn’t see.

3 Days AFTER using a Glycolic Peel:

I really had no reason to be scared.  I did panic right after using it though.  Within a few minutes of applying the glycolic peel it started to burn.  It wasn’t pleasant.  I rinsed it off as instructed and the burning feeling remained.  It lasted a good 15 minutes after I rinsed the glycolic peel off and I panicked that I did something wrong.  A good friend I contacted reassured me that I should be ok, to just give it some time.  Finally the burn subsided to a mild stinging, and then it went away altogether.  I woke up the next day and my skin was normal.  It wasn’t melting off!  YAY!  I waited another 2 days to do an after picture just in case.  I didn’t want to prematurely post that everything was amazing and then have my skin go haywire.

Visually, my skin shows a very mild improvement.  Very mild.  BUT I can tell a difference when I feel my skin.  I usually need to exfoliate often due to dry patches, but I have only exfoliated once since using the Glycolic Peel.  I do plan on doing this regularly in hopes my skin improves more visually.

The Skin Regime – Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin does caution that if you have problems such as cystic acne, open lesions, rosacea, eczema or problems similar, you really should consult a dermatologist before starting the Skin Care Regime.  If you are looking to improve your skin and don’t know where to start, or you have exhausted your efforts on over the counter creams, cleansers and such – The Skin Regime Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin is a good book to purchase or download for your Kindle.  The book is direct and honest as well as humorous, so it isn’t boring to read.

You can purchase The Skin Regime – Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Amazon HERE .  It is available in both paperback ($9.95) as well as Kindle Edition ($9.45)

I was kindly sent a second sample of Platinum Skin Care’s 30% Glycolic Peel to do a giveaway with as well as the book The Skin Regime – Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin!

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***Products in this post were sent for review.  All opinions are my own***

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