The Body Bartender Lotion and Cream Review!

by Lisa Heath

The Body Bartender Lotion and Cream Review!

I have a fun little post for you tonight!  I had planned on posting this earlier, but we spent the day car shopping for Nick!

I have 3 different body lotions and creams for you today from The Body Bartender!  The Body Bartender is a relatively new company with a lot of promise!  All 3 products did give some results, although I couldn’t exactly show pictures (you’ll understand why in a moment!)  Here is a nice little snippet from their website:

The Body Bartender products were inspired by Rock-n-Roll music, vintage fashion, pin-up models and burlesque shows.  A percentage of all sales of our products go towards selected charities!

I always think its wonderful when companies donate some proceeds to charity! The charities are Animal Alliance  as well as the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.   In addition, their products are paraben free and are NEVER tested on animals (only pin-up girls)!

Now onto the products!

Peep Show:

Peep show is an all over body firming lotion.  Apply daily as you would with any moisturizer for it to tone and tighten using natural extracts and caffeine!  Lets be honest, I have a child and my body has definitely seen better days, so any product that says this I’m willing to try!  The results obviously weren’t going to be a miracle.. but I did notice some firming around my chest area (the area I mainly focused on).  Because this isn’t a porn site, I will not be visually showing my results.  I’m sure you can understand (and I’m more sure you wouldn’t wanna see that anyway!)  The scent is a really nice guava!  It was non greasy and sunk into my skin nicely!

Peep Show Price: $18.50 for a 6.5 oz bottle


Peek-A-Booty is a cellulite fighting body cream that instantly treats, hydrates and firms the skin with natural extracts and Lipocare complex.  This cream is to help with “dimples” and annoying lines.  It is also fragrance free so it won’t interfere with other lotions you may use.  Peek-A-Booty is also non greasy and I mainly used it on my legs and my rump.  Again.. you don’t need to see photos of my bottom, so I will spare you all!  Much like Peep Show, there were minor results.  Not enough to be earth shattering, but enough to make it worth using the product and spending an extra few minutes each morning applying it.  The longer I used it, the better the results were.  Peek-a-booty is also formulated WITHOUT the use of Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Triclosan and Synthetic Dyes.

Peek-A-Booty Price: $21.50 for a 6.5 oz bottle

Tattoo Protection:

Tattoo Protection is pretty self explanatory as to what it’s for.  I have 8 tattoos in total, and I will admit I didn’t always take the best care of them.  After getting them I went through the after care procedures as directed, but once that part was over, I didn’t do too much in the beginning.  As I got older I started taking care of them, but at that point, the period of time I went without proper care was visible to me.  They did fade a bit and I’ve even gotten a couple touched up because of it.  Tattoo Protection is a high end SPF 30 which combines the effectiveness of a sunblock without the sunblock smell and feel.  This isn’t just for people with tattoo’s either – it’s for anyone who wants sunblock without the smell or feel of normal sunblock.  A lot of sunblocks have a slight white film that can dull your tattoo’s look, this baby doesn’t do that!  Much like Peek-a-Booty – Tattoo Protection is  formulated WITHOUT the use of Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Triclosan and Synthetic Dyes.  There IS a scent to this… but it’s so incredibly faint I couldn’t tell you what it is.  Nothing bad at all, just nothing strong enough to detect really.

Tattoo Protection Price: $18.50 for a 6.5 oz bottle

Overall I like all 3 products.  The bottles are cute, part of the sales go to charities, and they are all 3 Paraben and Sulfate free.  A little goes a long way and after about 3.5 months of use I still have almost half a bottle left in each bottle.  A little goes a LONG way so the price definitely stretches out.  Would I repurchase any of these?  Yes, I would repurchase all 3 products.  I especially love that 2 of the 3 have no scent really, and the third is a really pleasant scent.

Check out The Body Bartender online HERE.  Also check out their blog HERE.  You can’t forget their Facebook page either!

They will also be rolling out some more products soon such as Bubble Bath and Tattoo Polish!

The Body Bartender was kind enough to give my readers a promo code for free samples (a trio of products) with your purchase using the promo code “cosmeticsanctuary” at checkout (in the coupon section)!  Coupon is valid August 4th – August 12th! Enjoy and happy shopping!

***The products in this post were provided for review.  All opinions are my own***

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Tina August 5, 2012 - 10:30 am

Another tattoo girl and honestly never thought about taking care of them this way. So its good to hear what I should be doing and a suggestion on what to use. I love the bottle on these

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