Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

by Lisa Heath

I’m always on the hunt for lip color.  Who isn’t?  I saw the display for Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters and loved their color selection.

Generally I look for colors I can wear both at work and outside of work.  Staying power is a huge plus for me because I hate reapplying but usually lip products that boast staying power dry out my lips something horrible.  Now, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters don’t promise staying power, but I was surprised at how long they actually did last!  The glossy color lasted a good 3 – 4 hours, but when the gloss look faded, my lips still held the color of the Lip Butters and my lips were still soft.

On the Revlon site it says that Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

– Buttery Balm + Shiny Color
– Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.

I snagged 2 of their colors in Sugar Plum and Berry Smoothie – but the range of colors they carried at Walgreens was impressive.  They had pale nude colors to gorgeous reds, definitely a little something for everyone.

Sugar Plum is a lovely medium pinky plum shade and my favorite of the 2 I grabbed.

Berry Smoothie is a nice sheer well, berry color.

The pigmentation in the Revlon Lip Butters is wonderful.  One coat gives a nice light color and it builds up with multiple coats without feeling too thick.  The moisturizing properties in it are fabulous as well!  Smooth lips, decent lasting color and great pigmentation… these lippies are awesome.



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