I was sitting at work today when I received an OPI review package!  YAY the MUPPETS are here!  But wait, why are there more than 8 polishes?

Well it looks like I was sent a SECOND set of Sheer Tints on accident, and when I asked OPI if they would like me to send them back they said “Go ahead and do a giveaway with them!”

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Open to US and International residents.  Must be 18 years or older, or have consent from a parent or legal guardian.

Giveaway Ends on March 28th, 2014 and the winner will be announce on March 29th, 2014

A HUGE thank you to OPI for allowing the Giveaway to take place <3

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I’m Lisa, a 35 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. My fave OPI Collex used to be the Pirates of the Carribbean. Now….I’m really loving the Gwen Stefani collection.

  2. Effie Caswell Reply

    I loved the first muppets collection…not really feeling the newer one, though. :(

  3. Tracy Kelley-Parker Reply

    I fell in love with the collection for Burlesque! I bought up everybottle I could find before they discontinued it!

  4. Molly Bristol Reply

    I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection and the Holland Collection!

  5. Jessica J. Reply

    Hmmm… I’m not sure my favorite collection, honestly. I do really like the San Francisco collection, and a couple from several others.

    Thanks for the giveaway, chica! <3

  6. Stacia Davis Reply

    I love the OPI summer (neon) collections, but I am digging the Brazil collection right now.

  7. I loved the OPI Holland Collection, there were some awesome colours in there. And I love pretty much all their glitters!

  8. Kim Turner Reply

    Ooh..been wanting these so I can try the Leadlight stamping technique!

  9. Kim Turner Reply

    Oops, didn’t read the question lol. I really liked the James Bond ones (Skyfall, etc)

  10. Hmm..I really like the Gwen Stefani collection – love this one too! Can’t wait to get ’em – winning them would be even better :D

  11. I loved the Holland Collection and the Germany Collection, they were my recent faves. Great giveaway thanks OPI!

  12. Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 collection I guess… there hasn’t been a OPI collection yet that I’ve wanted more than 1 or 2 of them.

  13. Jennifer Lee Reply

    I love both the holland collection and Euro Central. There’s no collection I don’t like tho. Opi is truly remarkable.

  14. There are so many wonderful collections. I’m not sure I have a favorite!

  15. Probably the holiday collection…mostly because i own it and its awesome! especially the textured polishes.

  16. I really like the Gwen Stefani collection and I like the Spring collection as well, so many awesome colors, they’re all my favorite!

  17. Meisi Metoo Reply

    I am really interested in these sheer tints. Any polish that is different, I really enjoy.

    • My favorite collection was spring 2013 European collection. LOVE the glitter shard polish from the Muppet collection

  18. I loved the Nicki Minaj collection but all the OPI collections are really beautiful

  19. Ashleigh Faires Reply

    Love the giveaway!!! Thank you!! I really like the James Bond collection!

  20. My favourite is Opi 2010 holiday burlesque collection <3 Thanks for this great giveaway!

  21. Alice collex was awesome but HTF, but I loved. One I was able to get all of was Skyfall though!

  22. I love the Gwen Stefani Collection, although there really hasn’t been one that I haven’t liked! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  23. Very very hard to pick since there are so many amazing opi collections, but I am really in love with OPI Brazil.

  24. I’m really digging the new Brazil collection. I’m wearing Amazon…Amazoff right now!

  25. C E Weaver Reply

    My Favorite is the classic I’m Really Not a Waitress. I still rock it from time to time

  26. Well to this day my favorite OPI Collection is still the Germany Collection. These polishes were coordinated so beautifully that everything played nicely together. I guess the other collection that I still also love was the NYC Ballet Collection it was small and rather sophisticated.

  27. samantha crowe Reply

    I don’t have a full collection favorite! But love always one to four polishes of every collection they put out.

  28. I would have to say the pirates of the Caribbean collection. Stranger tides I think. Such pretty pastels.

  29. I really really loved the burlesque collection! Before I got hooked to painting my own nails, I always went for a manicure session and always chose the burlesque collection until it was discontinued. Hahaha

  30. I don’t have a favourite collection, but Which is Witch is one of my favourite glitters and it’s from the Wizard of Oz collection.

  31. I don’t know that there’s a single one that I reaaalllly loved. There are a couple or a few great ones in almost every collection. But I guessss Holland and Skyfall are a couple that kind of come to mind.

  32. Hmm, I really like how versatile OPI’s recent Brazilian collection is

  33. Forever lusting after Russian and French collections. Unfortunately they came out before I became a polishaholic so I haven’t got my hands on any of them. Here’s hoping for an “OPI Allstars collection” that would bring together all the HTFs. :P

  34. The Shrek collection. It really grasped the characters, I think. And I guess it was pretty outstanding for OPI to have a collection without a single red in it :)

  35. My favorite is the Brazil collection and I guess these sheer tints are awesome!!! Would love to win these !!

  36. Rabia akhter Reply

    I loved the OPI Holland Collection And OPI Brazil collection most favorite <3
    Thank yoy superb giveaway ;)

  37. Rabia akhter Reply

    My most favorite OPI Holland Collection And OPI Brazil collection <3
    Thank yoy superb giveaway ;)

  38. Rabia akhter Reply

    My most favorite OPI Brazil collection <3
    Thank yoy superb giveaway ;)

  39. Thank you for allowing this to be for internationals. this polish would be great to use over stamping.

  40. Savana Rose Reply

    I absolutely love this collection, along with the neon summer, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. <3

    xoxoxo Savana

  41. Savana Rose Reply

    These would be absolutely perfect to do Easter acrylics! :D

  42. I’m going to have to go with the Burlesque collection as my favorite. Tease-y Does It is my first and probably still favorite OPI!

  43. I love the James Bind Skyfall collection and Nicki Minaj. Fly and The Spy Who Loved Me are two of my favourite polishes!

  44. what can I say I just love OPI but I think my favourite colour is in the germany collection so Id have to say that one.

  45. I really love the Gwen Stefani collection – I invested in a set of the minis. I really want to get some of the Brazil shades!

  46. I’ve used various opi colours, but my fav product has to be opi UV gel polish for acrylic nails, being a nail tech I find this product so amazing!

  47. Definitely Touring America! I love every color in that collection.

  48. My favorite overall collection would probably be the Pirates of the Caribbean. However, Euro Centrale contained a few of my very favorite OPI shades ever. So hard to pick!

  49. My favorite OPI collection is the 2007 Night Brights collection… because that’s where everyone’s favorite HTF came in, My Private Jet! Still love that shade.

  50. The Brazil collection was my fave but I’m praying that if will win a set of these and this collection will be my newest favorite! Thanks for the chance to win them!

  51. Cari Avalone Reply

    The burlesque collection. But I like a lot of the opi colors and collections.

  52. Karina Holse Schroder Reply

    I’m not sure my favorite collection, honestly….I love them all <3

  53. Becky Shinn Reply

    The Germany Collection, specifically Every Month Is Oktoberfest. I have a weakness for purples. :)

  54. Victoria Haindel Reply

    It’s difficult to pick which one was my favorite but I really liked the Katie Perry collection. However, I’m super excited to try out their tints. I thinking even if I don’t wine, I want to buy some to try out :D

  55. I love the new Sheer Tints collection. I have a sample bottle and love how I can use it to paint my nail decals.

  56. Rachael Figueroa Reply

    I really liked the Katy Perry collection from a few years ago. I still have the sparkly pink and it is on it’s last leg (sad). That was my favorite.

  57. Meghan Duerst Reply

    I love the new Brazil line. Waiting for my taupless beach to come in! Bring back the blue moon lagoon, please!

  58. That is an impossible question. Love the Pirates of the Caribbean and Gwen Stefani ones. Also Skyfall. Right now its probably the Gwens still but I change my mind all the time!

  59. I’d have to say I like the La Collection De France from 2008 the most!

  60. I think my favorite collection was the Burlesque one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Nicki Minaj, it’s the only collection I have all the polishes of.

  62. Chansina Rhoades Reply

    I love so many of the OPI collections!! German, muppets, Gweyn Stefani, Modern Family, Roughles…the list goes on! I’d love to try these :)

  63. Nicole Cousins Reply

    Love my OPI! But my fave collection is hands down Gwen Stefani for OPI..they thought of everything!

  64. My favorite is the Euro Centrale 2013 Spring/Summer collection because I love the two vampire-themed polishes, hehe. :p

  65. It`s hard to choose only one collection but I love the Germany collection!

  66. Rella Nurkasih Reply

    Thank you for the giveaway… ^^
    My favorite is OPI Sheer Tint…

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