KBShimmer Barely There, Blushed Orchid & Deep Cashmere Bath & Body

by Lisa Heath
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KBShimmer Barely There, Blushed Orchid & Deep Cashmere Bath & Body

Press Sample of the KBShimmer
Barely There, Blushed Orchid & Deep Cashmere Bath & Body

I have featured a lot of KBShimmer polishes on my blog over the years (It’s been a little over 5 years now!) and today I have some of her Bath & Body goodies to share! With her revamp she had her bloggers and swatchers pick out a few bath and body products, so I grabbed some favorite products in new scents to try out!

Look at those new labels! I love that the writing is in holo!

For this review I picked out KBShimmer Body Lotions in the following scents: Barely There, Blushed Orchid and Deep Cashmere. I also picked up a Sugar Scrub in Barely There figuring it would be a good one to mix and match with any of the 3 body lotions.

Along with the revamped packaging (which I adore!) she also introduced some new scents to her lineup. There are more than just these 3 (I’m 90% sure all of these are newer, but I could very well be wrong)

A little about the products I picked out:

KBShimmer Sugar Scrubs would amazingly well to gently scrub away dead skin cells and make way for the newer ones. I love using this sugar scrub on my legs after shaving as well as on my hands before a long swatch session.

The luxe oils and butters in this scrub combine with water to form a lotion that helps moisturize and soften even those hated rough, dry patches.  And it definitely works!

KBShimmer Body Lotions are thick, creamy lotions that work really well all over the body.  This lotion soaks in fairly quick for a thicker lotion and is a nice boost of hydration. I especially love using this on my legs after I’ve sugar scrubbed my legs. Super smooth! A little goes a long way.

Both products are vegan too!

Let’s take a look at each product and scent!

The first scent we’re going to look at is Barely There, which I picked up in both a Sugar Scrub and Body Lotion.

Barely There is exactly that – barely there. This is her “clean” scent and no fragrance or colorants are added. Perfect for those that work in a fragrance free environment (like yours truly) or those with sensitivities. I also like these for when I’m wearing perfume and I don’t want it to mingle with my lotion or body products.

Next up is Blushed Orchid!

Blushed Orchid isn’t what I thought it would be. I expected a very delicate orchid scent – but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a light floral scent with sandalwood and amber to warm it up. The floral isn’t perfumy, but more light and delicate. The description says there are hints of pear nectar but my nose didn’t pick any of that up.

Deep Cashmere is the final scent I’m sharing.

Deep Cashmere is an interesting a slightly more complex scent than the other two I received.  It’s also my favorite of the three.

Deep Cashmere is a rich musk with juicy peach and golden pears, softened with vanilla bean that also adds some warmth to it. I’m usually not one for musks, but the peach, pear and vanilla mixed in really makes it one I loved.

I was incredibly happy with my choices and I’m keeping Barely There Body Lotion at work since it’s work safe.  I keep the other 2 Body Lotions in my bedroom for weekend use. The Sugar Scrub is in my bathroom to use in the shower every morning almost.

This isn’t my first time using KBShimmer scrubs and lotions, but they have been reformulated and as I mentioned – they are now Vegan. So if you tried them in the past, or couldn’t because they weren’t Vegan – now is the perfect time to try them again!

The Body Lotions are in 6.3 fl oz tubes and the Sugar Scrubs are in 9.5 fl oz tubs.

You can also find these scents in mani shots, cuticle pens, and matte cuticle cream.

Price: $10.00 Each

Where To Buy: KBShimmer Website 

KBShimmer Social Media: Facebook | Twitter Instagram | Pinterest

Have you tried the new KBShimmer Sugar Scrubs and Body Lotions?

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