Vapid Lacquer Bath & Body Black Friday Releases

by Lisa Heath
Vapid Lacquer Bath & Body Black Friday Releases

Press Sample

Alright everyone, I got a sampling of the new Vapid Lacquer  Bath & Body Black Friday Releases in and I’m going to be giving my initial thoughts and small review for them. I cannot do a thorough review since I just got some of the items in (especially on the newly added items) but I will be going over everything in general.

For a full list of what will be restocked this go, make sure to check out the pinned post in the Vapicorns Facebook Group!

If you missed my post on the Vapid Lacquer polishes releasing for Black Friday – head on over to that post HERE

Okay, so we’re going to see Moisturizing Body Mists, Nail Sauce, Body Cream, Whipped Sugar Scrubs, lots of Fluffy Whipped Soaps and the introduction of Beard Oil!  I’ll go over each item a bit and describe the scent profile that I pick up on.

I will be describing the scents as I interpret them. I do not have a scent cheat sheet to refer to, which is rather nice so I can give my personal description without hearing much of what they really are. We all have a different sense of smell, some more perceptive than others, so please keep in mind that what you pick up might be slightly different than what I pick up. I don’t have an overly sensitive nose, but it’s not dull either.

Let’s get started!

Mallow Mint

Mallow Mint is this year’s holiday scent! It is a nice marshmallow fluff and peppermint mixture, but the peppermint has a nice kick to it. When I first smelled it, it felt familiar to last year’s Candy Cane Cupcake – but the marshmallow comes through a little more, and the peppermint has more of a sharp note (like your nostrils feel a little chilly on inhale.. if that makes sense?)

Basically, if you liked last years, you will also like this years. It’s familiar, but has some slight differences.

You will be able to grab Mallow Mint in Body Cream, Body Bars, Digit Dust, Nail Sauce, Fluffy Whipped Soap, Whipped Sugar Scrubs, Moisturizing Body Mist, and Wax.

Teak & Coconut

Teak & Coconut is a new unisex scent that I’m really enjoying. It’s a woodsy scent, but it’s really light and airy. My son has been really getting into wearing cologne type stuff, but most of what’s out there makes my eyes water, so I had him try this scent after his shower, and it’s a winner. Nick also liked it and said it was woodsy, but it almost comes across as a clean woodsy fragrance. Like it would be hard to tell if it was a body spray, or the lingering scent of a soap from a shower.

Teak & Coconut will be available in Beard Oil (we’ll go over that in a bit), Body Cream, Body Bars, Nail Sauce, Fluffy Whipped Soap, Moisturizing Body Mist and Wax.

Let Them Eat Cake

If you love sugary sweet, then Let Them Eat Cake is for you. Let Them Eat Cake is sweet vanilla cake topped with sweet vanilla frosting and sugary sprinkles on top. I have a zinging sweet tooth just describing this. Basically you will be reminded of kids birthday parties and frosting. Lots of frosting.

The Whipped Sugar Scrub even has SPRINKLES!

Let Them Have Cake will be available in Body Cream, Body Bars, Digit Dust, Nail Sauce, Fluffy Whipped Soap, Whipped Sugar Scrub, Moisturizing Body Mist, and Wax.

Lavender  Coconut Milk

Lavender Coconut Milk is a lighter scent that’s incredibly relaxing. You get a lavender fragrance, but it’s mellowed out with the smooth coconut milk. I would also consider this to be more on the unisex side of things.

Lavender Coconut Milk will be available in Body Cream, Body Bars, Nail Sauce, Fluffy Whipped Soap, Moisturizing Body Mist, and Wax.

Candy Clouds

While Candy Clouds isn’t a new scent, it is available in more variety now.  Candy Clouds is tart lemon zest, mellowed out by sweet lemon curd and vanilla… with the added sweetness of cotton candy. This is a fun scent that gives you a happy little boost when you sniff it. Not that kind of “boost” so don’t go that way.

It’s zesty, sweet and fun.

Candy Clouds will be available in Body Cream, Body Bars, Digit Dust, Nail Sauce, Fluffy Whipped Soap, Whipped Sugar Scrubs, Moisturizing Body Mist, and Wax.

Now we’re going to look at some oils and go over some products real quick for those not familiar with Vapid!

The newest product added to the Vapid lineup is Beard Oil! This was created primarily for those with beards (I currently have Nick testing these out) and it’s made to help moisturize, soften and look a bit more polished.  It can be added after a shower or shave while the skin is still damp.

A lot of us use oils (argan etc) for our hair, so these are basically similar thought process – but formulated for beards.

Stubborn significant other that won’t use “girly stuff” on their scruff? I have multiple plans of attack if you need help. Just ask.

You can also use the Beard Oils as a multipurpose oil. It can be used on skin in general or on cuticles.

Beard Oil comes in  1 fl oz glass bottles with droppers. You can find it in Hipster, Hunter, Teak & Coconut and …As A Jaye Bird.

As A Jaye Bird contains no fragrance.

Hunter is a light woodsy scent, but I’m also detecting a hint of citrus and salt.

Hipster reminds me of tea. It’s mellow and familiar and a bit herbally.

Teak & Coconut is woodsy, airy and light.

You might have also noticed I have 2 more oils all the way to the far right of the photo – Red Blend and Pumpkin Seed! These are new to the skin care lineup and are to be used the same way as the Rose Hip Seed Oil and Maracuja oils. I haven’t had a chance to try these out just yet, but I plan to start this weekend.

Now a quick product overview!

Nail Sauce

Nail Sauce is the gateway product to Vapid’s bath and body section. Nail Sauce is primarily for cuticle care and it’s a creamy, hydrating lotion like balm. It’s non greasy, gently and lightly scented. I have them scattered about my home and work.

Nail Sauce will release this go in the scents pictured above: Teak & Coconut, Candy Clouds, Let Them Eat Cake, Mallow Mint and Lavender Coconut Milk

Current work situation below. Apparently I need to dust.

Anyways, I currently have Mermaid Tears, Trashcan Punch, Surprise… I’m Drunk! and Let’s Summon Demons on my desk.

Body Cream

The Vapid Body Creams are slightly thicker than a typical lotion, but thinner than a body butter. Only a little bit is needed, and it goes a long way! When used in small amounts it’s non greasy and soaks in fast to dry skin. My skin feels super soft and smells incredible when I use it!

Also –  layer, layer, layer! I love layering the same scent in the various body products to make the scents last even longer! I typically pick my “scent of the day” and use the Whipped Sugar Scrub, Body Cream, Body Mist and Nail Sauce in the same scent for the day.

Body Creams will release in the following scents for Black Friday: Candy Clouds, Mallow Mint, Let Them Eat Cake, Lavender Coconut Milk, Teak & Coconut, Cap’n Crunk Loops, … As A Jaye Bird, and Unicorn Milk

Moisturizing Body Mist

One of my favorite additions to the Vapid Bath & Body lineup has been the Moisturizing Body Mists! I use these daily and they are perfect. They also work beautifully as hair perfume!

This release we will see Moisturizing Body Mists in the following scents: Candy Clouds, Mallow Mint, Let Them Eat Cake, Let’s Summon Demons, Unicorn Milk, Mermaid Tears, Lavender Coconut Milk, Cap’n Crunk Loops, Teak & Coconut, Toasty Mallow and Capistrano.

As you can see from my image too –  bottles are changing! During this restock some scents will be shipped in the old clear mist bottles, while some will be in the new purple mist bottles.

Fluffy Whipped Soap

Fluffy Whipped Soap is a newer Vapid item and made it’s debut at Indie Shop and some were lucky enough to snag some in the last Vapid Restock.

Whipped Fluffy Soap is a thick, whipped soap (think condensed whipped cream, or as a Vapicorn pointed out – sort of like Noxema) that has a nice lather and leaves your hands soft, lightly scented, and most importantly – clean. These are good for sudsing up or shaving. Works amazingly well in conjunction with beard oil!

If you have kids that seem to be anti soap – finding fun ways to clean like using these are incredible! My son loved bath time, but wasn’t all about the soap. He would use it, but it took awhile to get him going. Eventually I bought Jelly Soap from LUSH and suddenly he was all about the soap. Now we’ve moved on (he’s 11, so … luckily he uses soap on his own) but when I give him Whipped Sugar Scrubs and now Fluffy Whipped Soaps – he still gets that little gleam in his eye because it’s a fun new product.

Fluffy Whipped Soaps will be available in: Candy Clouds, Let’s Summon Demons, Let Them Eat Cake, Mallow Mint, Unicorn Milk, Lavender Coconut Milk, Teak & Coconut and Nilla Nutty Mocha.

Whipped Sugar Scrub

The final product I’ll be showing is the Whipped Sugar Scrubs! If you haven’t tried these yet – these are whipped, soap based sugar scrubs. The sugar is densely packed but the soap base makes it easy to pull out. They aren’t so dense that they are rock hard to grab a chunk. They have a light lather and feel wonderful in the shower.

You can also use these as a shaving exfoliator once the small sugar particles melt away. Don’t shave with the ones with coffee grounds in them though – those don’t melt away like the pure sugar ones do.  I don’t believe any of the ones releasing this time around have coffee grounds in them though.

Whipped Sugar Scrubs releasing on Black Friday: Candy Clouds, Let’s Summon Demons, Let Them Eat Cake, Mallow Mint, Unicorn Milk an ‘Nilla Nutty Mocha.

Woo okay that’s everything I think! Of course there are more things releasing (like wax!) and restocking, so be sure to check out the Vapicorns Facebook Group. Launch and Restock times for Black Friday are posted there as well.

For scent descriptions for older scents listed but not discussed in this post, check out the Scent Descriptions in the Vapicorns File. At some point before restock the new scents I went over in this post will have “official” descriptions as well in case my nose didn’t pick up something!

In about a month, Nick will make an appearance on the blog to do an “official review” of the new Beard Oils as well!

Where To Buy: Vapid Lacquer Shop

Release Date: November 24th (Black Friday) time will be announced in the group

Vapid Lacquer Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

So talk to me – what are you hoping to snag? Any scents that you gravitate towards?

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DELANIE CASTILLO November 22, 2017 - 2:16 pm

I bet Mallow Mint is delicious!
Love the sprinkles on the scrub!

Lisa Heath November 22, 2017 - 11:03 pm

Mallow Mint IS delicious! And the sprinkles are a nice touch!

Louise November 22, 2017 - 2:49 pm

I want everything XD
But definately all the Mallow Mint!

Lisa Heath November 22, 2017 - 11:03 pm

Love love love Mallow Mint!


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