Vapid Lacquer September 2017 Body Mist & Sugar Scrub Release

by Lisa Heath
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Vapid Lacquer September 2017 Body Mist & Sugar Scrub Release

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Who’s ready for Vapid Lacquer’s release tomorrow? I know I am and I already have a little shopping list ready! You’ll be able to grab the Very Scary Halloween polishes, wax, new wax burner’s that Vapid will be stocking, nail sauces and, my favorite, new body mists and sugar scrubs!

For a full list of what will be restocked this go, make sure to check out the pinned post in the Vapicorn Facebook Group!

I’ll be sharing the Body Mists and Scrubs with you today. These are the newest scents added to the lineup. There are 4 new Body Mists that will be available in both Full Size (2 fl oz) and Purse Size (0.33 fl oz) and the Sugar Scrubs will have 3 new scents added. You will also find some of these scents in body creams and nail sauce.

A large portion of this release will be the waxes. There are a lot of restocked scents, but a large addition of new Fall scents.

Okay let’s jump into the 4 scents coming our way for Body Mists and Sugar Scrubs! As usual, I will give MY interpretation of the scent. All of our sniffers are different and some of us pick up notes others don’t or some scents are more subdued for some of us. You can also reference the Scent Description List in the Vapid Lacquer Group.

Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper will be available for both Body Mists and Sugar Scrubs!

Glass Slipper makes me think of late Summer to Early Fall when the weather and leaves are just starting to change. It has a very light floral scent to me (like white florals – light and airy) with hints of Granny Smith apple tartness and a touch of pumpkin. The light floral and apples is what I pick up mostly.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn will be available in both Body Mists and Sugar Scrubs.

Candy Corn smells a lot like you would expect – candy corn. The only thing I noticed is it doesn’t have the nauseating sweet syrupy smell of traditional candy corns. Instead it’s mellowed out more with vanilla.

Pumpkin Apple Butter

Pumpkin Apple Butter will be available in both Body Mists and Sugar Scrub.

Pumpkin Apple Butter is incredible! Pumpkin Apple Butter gives you all the Fall scents you love in one hit. The notes that hit me first are pumpkin and cinnamon, followed by ripe red apples and some tangy citrus from the orange and pineapple. There are other spices like clove and nutmeg in the mix as well.

Let’s Summon Demons

Let’s Summon Demons will be available in Body Mists and Sugar Scrubs! Initially it was only Body Mists, but I found out this morning it will be available in Sugar Scrub form as well!

Let’s Summon Demons is easily my favorite of the group!  My take on it is a strong hit of cherries on first spray but it quickly dries down and gives way to a smokey musk scent with a subtle hit of cherries, a touch of roasted marshmallows. My boyfriend actually said he could smell coconuts right off, but I don’t pick up on it (see, that’s the difference in  sniffers)

Those are my thoughts on all 4 new scents joining us this round for Body Mists and Sugar Scrubs! Most of these will also be available in nail sauce, body creams and waxes as well. Luckily none of these are manlier scents or candy scents, so I don’t have to fight off my son and boyfriend for them (at least that’s what they said)

My top 2 picks are Let’s Summon Demons and Pumpkin Apple Butter, but they are followed closely by Glass Slipper and Candy Corn.

Where To Buy: Vapid Lacquer Shop

Vapid Lacquer Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Head over to the Vapid Lacquer Facebook Fan Group to keep an eye on updates. Restock and launch is tomorrow – and if you are in the group you get live updates on what’s going on, what’s sold out and what’s running low in stock (if it can be called before sold out)

Happy shopping, and as always – May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

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