Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Facebook Swatch

by Lisa Heath

Nothing To Disclose

Every so often I have some time to play with my own purchases, and today, I had to take a little “me” time!

I recently purchased Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas…Ends Up On Facebook.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t even look at the shade really (I saw it was in the purple family and that’s about it).  I wanted it for the name.  Luckily though, the polish is just as awesome as the name!

What Happens In Vegas…Ends Up On Facebook


What Happens In Vegas…Ends Up On Facebook is described as a dusty eggplant shimmer with holo qualities and blue/purple colour shifting iridescent micro glitters, pink micro glitters and red micro shimmer.  This photo is 3 coats and a glossy top coat.  It was taken in normal lighting.

Closeup In Normal Lighting


I love this shot because you can see the iridescent glitter nicely!

Under Artificial Lighting


These shots show more of the holographic within the polish!


It’s really just a stunning polish!

Unfortunately this shade was a Limited Edition (I got bottle #153) and I don’t believe it will be released again.  It sold out super quick and I was lucky to get my hands on it.

To check out other Girly Bits creations, check out the Girly Bits Website.

Girly Bits Nail Lacquer is carried all over the world! Please check our Authorized Distributors for your favourite Girly Bits Nail Lacquer. Visit their sites for product availablity, release dates, pricing and shipping information.

Llarowe (USA)

Harlow & Co. (Canada)

Mei Mei’s Signatures (Singapore)

Overall Beauty (USA)

Femme Fatale (Austalia)

Foxy Fingertips (Denmark)

Maria Gastadeira (Brazil)

If you live in or around Essex County (Ontario, Canada), Girly Bits Nail Lacquer is available locally at:

Studio N Floral Design

Division Place Hair Studio

House of Flower

Hope everyone has a great night!

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Claudia G. August 17, 2013 - 7:00 pm


I just wanted to plant a little seed of an idea in your head. :) Pam (the creator of Girly Bits) posted an incredible swatch of WHIV..EUOF applied over a dark burgundy/dark wine color on the GB facebook page. You have to scroll down to last months posts but you’ll see it. You have fantastic swatches as is but the color is REALLY amped up over the dark burgundy. :)

Pam August 18, 2013 - 8:38 pm

Thanks for posting Lisa. I am glad you were able to get a bottle, and that you are happy with it. ♥


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