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Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been playing with (and buying!) a LOT of nail powders.  Initially I tried Yellow Stopper (which I had on hand) before buying SuperChic Lacquer G-Force X to do the no gel application, but I was too impatient and it didn’t work for me. I decided to give it another go last night and Viola! It worked!

So we’re going to go over my results. I basically followed the exact same tutorial that I posted before using the SuperChic Lacquer G-Force X, but this time replace G-Force X with Yellow Stopper.

The main difference I noticed with the Yellow Stopper was that Yellow Stopper takes longer to dry. However, the results with the Yellow Stopper also seemed to be more chrome like. They were incredibly close though, so it’s up to you on which you’d rather use. More people seem to have Yellow Stopper on hand though.

Just a quick recap. Application wise – I took these steps:

1 coat of UNT base

1 coat of Darling Diva Polish You’re So Hot You Melt The Plastic In My Underwear

1 Coat of Yellow Stopper (then apply latex barrier, I waited a minute after the latex was dry for the next step)

Burnish holo powder into Yellow Stopper ( I used an eyeshadow applicator and Girly Bits Holochrome Powder)

1 Coat of UNT Base

1 Coat of top coat

SO basically – if you were waiting for SuperChic Lacquer G-Force X to come back in stock, but actually have Yellow Stopper on hand – you can just use that!

When I tested Yellow Stopper last night, I initially did it simple – 1 coat of Yellow Stopper, burnish powder into it once slightly tacky, UNT over it and then top coat. The result was fairly sheer – but I really liked it! I did a quick cell phone shot while in the drivethru line of Starbucks. I only did 1 nail for the test last night…

SO that’s another option if you don’t want a base color and still have a pretty effect.

Make sure you check out the original tutorial if you want to try the no gel method with either SuperChic Lacquer G-Force X or Yellow Stopper!

UNT Nail Lacquer Base: Amazon | Price: $10.00

Black Creme: Darling Diva Polish Shop | $8.00

Superchic Lacquer G-Force X: Superchic Lacquer Shop | $6.95 or Yellow Stopper | $7.29

Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issue Peel Off Base: Vapid Lacquer Shop | $5.00 (you can also get the real latex barrier, Purple Polish Eater, for the same price)

Holochrome Powder: Girly Bits Shop | $19.78 (there is also a slightly different version for $7.99)

Girly Bits Glitter Glaze Top Coat: Girly Bits Shop | $6.10

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this out!

*All products in this post were purchased by me. Affiliate links are found in this post*


I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. Oh my goodness that nail polish is out of this world! Thank you so much for your tips on how to apply it so it looks so great!

  2. Jennifer Van Huss Reply

    What a fabulous nail colour! So colourful and so sparkly!!

  3. Love this iridescent look! You make it look so easy. I’ve never tried it but this would make a nice look for my summer vacation. May have to ask my nail tech for a copycat look.

  4. That’s a beautiful color! Love the combo, so fun and colorful! I need to learn how to do my own manicure.

  5. This is such an awesome glittery effect! I love it. Not sure if I would have the patience to got through this entire process though. :)

  6. That is some shimmering nail polish for sure! I would love to try this. It looks really amazing to me. I want to try it out for myself.

  7. Your nails look amazing! Have to see if I can find holocrome powder here so I could give this design a try too! Thanks for the idea!

  8. leighanne borders Reply

    I love the color! That shine and the colors that show through are really cool! I can think of quite a few outfits to wear with this!

  9. Jilly Spelllman Reply

    You are so talented. I really need to try to get more creative with my nails. This color looks amazing.

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