Yellow Stopper


Girly Bits Holochrome Powder No Gel Application Using Yellow Stopper

Purchased by Me Affiliate Links Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been playing with (and buying!) a LOT of nail powders.  Initially I tried Yellow Stopper (which I had on hand) before buying SuperChic Lacquer G-Force X to do the no gel application, but I was too impatient and it didn’t work for me. I decided to give it another go last night and Viola! It worked! So we’re going to go over my results. I basically followed the exact same tutorial that I posted before using the SuperChic Lacquer G-Force X, but this time replace G-Force X with Yellow Stopper. The main difference I noticed with the Yellow Stopper was that Yellow Stopper takes longer to dry. However, the results with the Yellow Stopper also seemed to be more chrome like. They were incredibly close though, so it’s up to you on which you’d rather use. More people seem…