Essie Spring 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample  Purchased by Me

 In my Rite Aid monthly box this month I received 2 shades from the Essie Spring 2015 collection (Flowerista and Blossom Dandy) and I loved them so much I decided to head out to my local Rite Aid and purchase the remaining 4 shades to complete the collection.

If you weren’t aware from previous posts, I am part of the Rite Aid Blogger Network and receive an assortment of products from them every month to feature.

Generally for me Essie is a hit or miss brand.  I do own a lot of their shades, but some that I own are more work than the color payoff is worth.  The Spring collection was one of their better sets though in my opinion both in terms of color and application.

Essie Flowerista


Flowerista was one of the shades I received as part of my Rite Aid monthly box. This is a nice, slightly dusty plum shade.  I used 2 coats for these photos, but I did find the formula a little on the thin side.  I had some cuticle pooling.  Although thin, it had good pigmentation and I was still able to achieve full opacity in 2 coats.  If you don’t mind some cleanup, it’s a decent polish.

Flowerista macro

Essie Petal Pushers

Petal Pushers

Petal Pushers is a color I really loved.  This is a slightly blue tinged medium grey.  This one had a perfect formula and was almost a one coat polish.  Application was smooth and easy and I used 2 coats for these photos.

Petal Pushers macro

Essie Garden Variety

Garden Variety

Garden Variety is a stunning teal blue with a nice vibrancy to it.  It’s not neon, but it’s a happy and bright.  I used 2 coats for these photos and had a little patchiness on application.  Surprisingly enough, I didn’t have any staining issues with Garden Variety.  I seem to have issues with Essie’s teals staining, but this one did not.

Garden Variety macro

Essie Blossom Dandy

Blossom Dandy

This shade is the second I received in my Rite Aid Beauty Box and the one that made me fall hard for this collection.  This shade was also the first one I put on Instagram that garnered over 1,000 likes! So apparently I’m not the only one who loved it.

Blossom Dandy is a sky blue mint creme.  I did need 3 coats to even out this polish, so formula could use some work, but for me the color is worth it.  It was fairly patchy on the first 2 coats but the third evened it out. There was a very slight self leveling issue as well, which is more apparent in the closeup photo below.

Blossom Dandy macro

Essie Picked Perfect

Picked Perfect

Picked Perfect was a shade I almost didn’t grab because I don’t need another neutral, but I have an issue with owning all but one shade in a collection so I grabbed it.  This is a medium almond beige shade.  Application was actually good with Picked Perfect and I used 2 coats for these photos.

Picked Perfect macro

Essie Perennial Chic

Perennial Chic

Perennial Chic is a peach toned light beige.  I like this shade, but it didn’t seem to go with my skin tone too well and gave me a slight case of lobster fingers (brought out redness in them for those who aren’t use to that description).

I had no issues with application on Perennial Chic and used 2 coats for these photos.  Because my skin tone didn’t agree with it though, I’m not sure that I would reach for it much

Perennial Chic macro

Overview of Essie Spring 2015 Collection

PicMonkey Collage

Overall, this wasn’t a bad collection.  I did like the shades included and thought it was a nice mix to make several people happy.  There were 2 neutral selections, a plum, a teal, a minty light blue and a chic grey.  Application wise 4 of the 6 were perfect.  Flowerista was a little thin for my liking and Blossom Dandy was patchy and didn’t level out as well as one would hope.  I am happy that I went and grabbed the remaining 4 shades I did not receive for review though.

Do these shades look like ones you might own already?  I messaged Karen, the fabulous polish reviewer over at BeautyGeeks, to see if I could link her Essie Spring 2015 comparison swatch post here for my viewers to see.  If you have a second, it’s worth checking out! You might find some shades similar you already have, or even shades you like a bit better! You should follow her as well, her reviews are well done, honest and stunning!  She usually has info before anyone else too!

Price: $8.50 Each

Where I Purchased: Rite Aid

Rite Aid Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

What did you think of the Essie Spring 2015 collection?  Will you be picking up any?

Disclaimer New

*I received Flowerista & Blossom Dandy for review purposes, but I purchased the rest of the collection*

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Andrea May 16, 2015 - 12:17 pm

I love the colors in this collection! I feel like Essie always has gorgeous shades but sometimes not so great formulas. I always put up with it because I love the colors so much.

Jessica May 18, 2015 - 6:49 am

The whole collection is so cohesive, but I really like Garden Variety. :)


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