Cuticula Strawberry Watermelon Base & Top Coat Plus CuQUICKla Top Coat

by Lisa Heath

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In early November I shared a Cuticula review with you for her Scented Nail Tape, and today I have a review on her scented top coat, scented base coat and quick dry top coat. Here is the Cuticula Strawberry Watermelon Base & Top Coat Plus CuQUICKla Top Coat!

I did test both top coats on my non swatching hand to get an idea of length of time for both so I could give a little more indepth review. My non swatching hand is my dominant hand, so it usually takes more of a beating than my swatch hand does. For both tests I used the same base coat, the only change was the top coat.

Let’s take a look at each top coat and then we’ll go over their performances and the differences in the products.

Cuticula CuQUICKla Top Coat

Cuticula CuQUICKla top coat is a non scented, quick dry top coat.  It is 4 Free (Free of formaldehyde, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor) but does contain Toulene, which I believe is the ingredient to make it dry quicker. I tested it on my non swatching hand and got 7 days of wear from it before any chipping occurred. It went on easily, I didn’t experience any shrinkage and it did not smear any of my stamping designs that I have used it over.

CutiQUICKla was fully dry and I was able to carry on my day within 12 minutes of applying it over my polish. To me that’s a decent amount of time. It was dry to the touch around the 4 minute mark, but I waited till the 12 minute mark to do dishes and such and no issues.

  Cuticula Timeless Top Coat

The Cuticula Timeless Top Coat is probably my favorite thing right now. I received this one in Strawberry Watermelon scent, which I adore, but if you are sensitive to scent – you can also find the unscented version in the Cuticula shop. It also comes in Dew scented (I believe it’s the soda), Rainbow Sherbet, and Chocolate Peppermint.

Right now for the Polish Pickup you can also grab it in Rock Candy scent – and that is limited edition and won’t be available after tomorrow night.

Cuticula Timeless Top Coat is a 5 free top coat, and because it’s 5 Free it is not a “quick dry” top coat, but I didn’t find the top coat to take an incredibly long time to dry.  To the touch it was dry in about 8 minutes, but fully dry for every day functions in about 45 minutes. During my wear test, I actually got 8 days before any major chips in it, which is pretty good for me.

I did test this over stamping, and as long as you “float” the brush over the nail art without any pressure, it didn’t smear the stamping.

Cuticula Static Base Coat

Cuticula Static Base Coat is pretty much all I’ve been using since I received it. I have it in the same Strawberry Watermelon scent as the top coat, but it’s available in the same additional scents I listed above. You can also find the Rock Candy scented one on Polish Pickup.

Static Base Coat is also 5 Free and it’s a slightly sticky base coat, which is my preference generally. I find sticky base coats just perform better when I use them. I used this for nearly all of my Polish Pickup swatches and it worked wonderfully to prevent staining.

Both the Timeless Top Coat and Static Base Coats allow the scent to linger for awhile too. I could still smell Strawberry Watermelon for a few days after applying it.  Again though, if you are sensitive to scent, there is an unscented version in the shop.

Cuticula Strawberry Watermelon Base & Top Coat Plus CuQUICKla Top Coat Overview

Personally, I love scented things – so I would suggest grabbing the Timeless Top Coat and Static Base Coat. If you are a little more impatient though, CuQUICKla is more for you. I personally have been using both top coats and no complaints either way.

Price: $8.00 for CuQUICKla | $8.50 for Static Base Coat & Timeless Top Coat

Where To Buy: Cuticula Shop

Cuticula Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

Don’t forget you can grab the Timeless Top Coat and Static Base Coat in the scent Rock Candy now on the Polish Pickup Shop, but after the 8th it will be gone for good (and the scent is delicious!)

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