Cuticula Cloud Cover Scented Matte Top Coat

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of Cuticula Cloud Cover
Scented Matte Top Coat

I’ve shown a lot of Cuticula’s offerings on my blog over the past several months. From scented nail tapes to base coats to top coats – we’ve seen them here. Tonight I’ll be sharing the Cuticula Cloud Cover Scented Matte Top Coat!

Cuticula Cloud Cover Scented Matte Top Coat will be available in most of the same scents as her delicious top coats and base coats are already available in. I picked Blue Hawaiian, which is a juicy citrus with coconut blend with sweet maraschino cherry.

Let’s take a look!

I used 1 coat of Cuticula Cloud Cover over Lacquester Mortal Coil. It’s a gorgeous polish and has shimmer, shift and holo flecks – so add a matte top coat and you pretty much have magic on your nails.

Cloud Cover applied easy and even. It doesn’t dry super fast, so you have time to evenly apply it to each nail. It also leveled out nicely for a smooth finish.

Cuticula Cloud Cover Scented Matte Top Coat

Definitely a wonderful addition to the Cuticula lineup. It joins Cuticula’s Timeless Top Coat (normal top coat that’s 5 Free), CuQUICKula Quick Dry Top Coat, and Sparks Fly Holo Top Coat (Polish Pickup shade, not sure if it will be brought to her shop)

Much like Cuticula’s other offerings, this will most likely be available in unscented too for those with scent sensitivities.

You can also find Static Base Coat (sticky base), Silk Base Coat, Nail Tape (latex barrier for nail art) and Peel Off Base Coat which is a swatchers best friend. These are, of course, on top of the top coats mentioned above.

Release Date: TBD – Keep an eye on the Cuticula Fan Group for updates

Price: $8.50

Where To Buy: Cuticula Shop

Cuticula Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

If you are looking for a matte top coat that holds an incredible scent for a few days after application – look no further!

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