A England Swatches and Review

by Lisa Heath

A England Swatches and Review

A England is a brand I really love.  I own 8 A England polishes and each one is absolutely stunning!  The formula is superb and glides onto the nail so smooth and easy it’s unbelievable!  I have 5 of those 8 A England’s to show you today!

Saint George:

Saint George is the A England that got me hooked.  Saint George is a gorgeous dark emerald holo.  I cannot get enough of this color!  I even have a backup bottle!

Princess Tears:

Princess Tears is a light silver with flashes of pinky lavender holo.  Probably my absolute favorite A England.  This is the polish for pretty much all occasions.  And yes, I have a backup bottle of this as well.


Dragon is a beautiful green holo with a slight flash of gold.  I was told by multiple people that I had to get this one, so I did – thank you to those people!

Princess Sabra:

Princess Sabra is a gold holo holo.  It isn’t a bold gold like other holographics I own but it does stand out.  Gorgeous color!


Ascalon… oh how I need a backup of you!  Ascalon is a steely grey with a flash of lavender and scattered holo.  A darker version of Princess Tears!

A England is a must have for any collection and there are still about 5 more I absolutely NEED to add to my collection.

You can find A England polishes in Llarowes Shop HERE for $12.00

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