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Callio Fragrance


Callio Fragrance Summer, Kiele and Belle Review & Giveaway

Callio Fragrance is a new-to-me brand that graciously sent over 3 of their perfumes for me to review PLUS they offered a giveaway to one of my lucky readers! I went through the Callio Fragrance site and it took me forever to settle on 3 fragrances – they all sounded amazing!  After what had to be an hour, I finally settled on 3 (there are 7 total) – I picked Summer, Kiele and Belle.  Lets go through each scent description and then we’ll move onto the giveaway! Summer Summer was my favorite of the 3 scents.   Summer is described as a blend of freesia, peach and cantaloupe.  I agree with the description and you can detect all 3 of these scents in the perfume plus a very faint hint of musk.  It’s definitely an interesting mix of scents but they work well together and it definitely reminds me of Summer.…

January 2019 Polish Pickup | Mythology

Press Sample of the January 2019 Polish Pickup | Mythology It’s officially been 1 year since my debut as Blogger of the Month for the Polish Pickup – and in the year since, I’ve had the opportunity of working with so many incredible makers and have consistently had the privilege of showing 35+ Polish Pickup shades each month. It’s been an incredible year, and with the beginning of 2019 – I can only hope to continue that. Today I have the January 2019 Polish Pickup Mythology to share! I have 47 products to share today and I do believe this is everything. As far as I am aware, nothing is in transit as the final 3 arrived last night. Fair warning, this will be photo heavy. 47 polishes, about 4-6 photos per polish. If you are here to look at a specific shade (and you’re on desktop) go ahead and…