Zoya Ornate Collection Swatches and Review

by Lisa Heath

Zoya Ornate Collection Swatches and Review

Soo I had this post done up and ready to go almost a month ago… but silly me apparently hit “Save Draft” instead of “Publish”.  I figured it out when I went to look up my own swatches and saw they weren’t there.  I looked it over and didn’t care for the swatches I did then, so I redid them tonight.

Zoya Ornate is an amazing collection.  A mix of gorgeous foils and jellies with holo glitter.  Zoya is hinting at some promos for the holiday season, so hopefully this (late) post will help spark your memory on whether you need some of these beauties or not (and you do! Trust me!)

I’m going to kick this off with my favorites of the Ornate Collection!


Aurora was my stand out favorite of the group!  Purple is my favorite color hands down, and Aurora is a beautiful medium sugarplum purple jelly with holo micro glitters scattered throughout.  I love the 3 holo’s because they glitter isn’t gritty, it leaves a smooth surface and amazing sparkly goodness.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and a glossy top coat.


Storm is the black jelly version of Aurora!  I only needed 2 coats of Storm for full coverage.  Storm is a black jelly with holo micro glitter scattered within.  Again, smooth coverage, flawless application.


Blaze is a mid tone mulberry red with holo micro glitter scattered throughout.  This will make a beautiful Christmas mani if you want a simple and stunning mani!  I used 3 coats of Blaze for full coverage and a glossy top coat.  The holo glitters are covered a bit more in this one in comparison to Storm and Aurora, but it’s still beautiful.


I’m going to start this off by saying Electra isn’t a bad glitter top coat.  It’s a top coat some may love; but it comes down to personal preference  I personally am not a fan of bar glitter, so this wasn’t for me.  I wanted to love it, but bar glitter just isn’t me.  It is a pretty silver holo bar glitter, and a HUGE plus for it is that its small and thin, and when I applied 2 coats of top coat I couldn’t feel the bar glitter (part of why I’m not a fan of bars) which makes it more wearable for me.  I will use this polish again, but not as much as the rest in the collection.  This is one layer of Electra over Storm.  2 coats of top coat were applied for smooth talons.


Now we are onto the “liquid foils” of the group!  Logan is a  yellow-toned forest green with dense, foil-like yellow-gold and blue-green duochrome shimmer.  I only needed 2 coats for full coverage and wow!  Beautiful green!  I love the shimmer in this polish.  Make sure the first coat is dry before applying the second coat though, if the first is too wet still, the brush strokes of the second coat may pull at the shimmer and cause streaking or bald spots.


And we are on the final polish of the Ornate Collection!  Ziv!  Ziv is a beautiful yellow-toned metallic gold foil with silver highlights and warm gold flake glitter.  I only needed 2 coats of Ziv for full coverage, but the same rules as Logan applies – be careful when applying coat number 2 before 1 is dry enough – the pulling may cause streaks or bald spots.  I plan on wearing this a couple more days and possibly even attempt a full stamping image over it before I remove the polish <3

Once again I am impressed with Zoya!  I love that they jumped into the holo micro glitter!  A small part of me wishes there was a deep navy blue jelly with holo in this collection, but maybe in a future collection?  Please?  Electra was the only part of this collection I was “eh” about, but as I said, that’s purely based on personal preference.  I know some ladies who absolutely love bar glitter!

Remember – Flash Promos and Giveaways should hopefully be happening soon, and if they are ANYTHING like last year – you will LOVE THEM!  But seriously, even if it’s only kind of like last year, who can say something bad about discounted or free product?  Be sure to like them on Facebook and on Twitter for these seriously amazing events!

Retail price: $8.00 Each

Thinking of purchasing?  Zoya has a program called Share the Love!  If you click on the following link and set up a new account – you get a FREE polish (Just pay shipping!).. add a second polish and shipping is free PLUS the first polish is free!  I do get points based on my Share the Love link, which I generally flip and hold giveaways to spend the points.  You get a free polish, I get 100 points.

Here is my Share the Love Link:  https://www.artofbeauty.com/rd/015AAD32

***The products in this post were sent for review.  All opinions are my own.***

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