Vivid Lacquer VL 002 Stamping Plate Review

by Lisa Heath

Vivid Lacquer VL 002 Stamping Plate Review

I have a great stamping plate that I have been antsy to show you!  Vivid Lacquer carries some creative stamping plates that she assists in creating, and she sent me one to review.  This is my first time using full image nail stamps for some too, and they didn’t turn out too bad!  I’m sure if a more experienced stamper was doing them they would look even better!

The plate I was sent was the VL 002.  It has 10 images on it and here is an image of the plate, I did borrow this from Vivid Lacquers album just so you could clearly see the images (my plate is a little smeary from the stamping attempts!

Look how cute!  Balloons, Stars, Butterfly Wings, Dinosaurs and TETRIS?!  How adorable!

Some of these images would have been better for me if I had kept my nails long, but they still came out well and the plates detail came out REALLY good!  The plate is larger than a normal plate and was easier for me to handle.  The full nail images are actually large enough for a variety of nail shapes and lengths.  They are wide as well as long, so if you have narrow nails like me, you only get part of the image, but the images are made in a way that it’s ok for just part of the image.  For wider nails, this is very accommodating since you won’t have space between the image and the outer parts of your nails!

 I did 6 of the 9 images and here is the photo:

I did the Balloon bundle on the pinkie, butterfly wing on my ring finger, i <3 and a dinosaur on my middle finger, honeycomb on my pointer

And my favorite… the stars on my thumb!

And a cell phone shot I took:

I wanted to do the Tetris image, but I need my nails to grow a bit longer to pull it off, the rest stamped easily and the detail is super nice and I had no issues picking up or transferring those!

Here is a pic of the Image Plate!

The images on this plate are:

half moon, i <3, geometric shapes (which I keep calling “Tetris”), half-filled squares, honeycomb, butterfly wing, balloons, snail, dinosaur and balloons.

You can find this stamping plate and a few more HERE (the plate in this post was the VL 002!)

Each plate retails for $8.00 and have some adorable patterns on them!  The plates have anywhere from 9-12 patterns on them!

To check out restock updates or upcoming items being added to the Vivid Lacquer Store – make sure you “Like” the Vivid Lacquer Facebook Page HERE

If you snag a plate, make sure you snag some of her adorable polishes along with it!

***The product in this post was sent for review.  All opinions are my own***

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